by Jane A. Leavell

Generation No. 1

1. BERNARD BRADY was born Abt. 1810 in County Cavan, Ireland, and died September 08, 1893 in Tipton County, Indiana. He married MARY CUSHING or maybe CUSHION. She was born abt. 1822 in Ireland, and died Abt. 1898 in Tipton County, Indiana. St Johns Catholic Row 7 Grave 16 has a tombstone reading "Brady (illegible) Cavin Ireland died Sept 8, 1893 aged 86 years" See that and a second more modern tombstone for him, wife Mary, and son John at's Bernard Brady page. Bernard loved to talk and feed people; his wife was really quiet.

Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Kelso, Dearborn, Indiana; Roll: M432_141; Page: 328A; Image: 232.
Bernard Brady...35...Ireland...farmer...$400
Mary Brady...28...farmer
John Brady...6...NY
Catharine Brady...3...OH
Henry Brady...1...IN
next door to:
Cushion, Martin...66...farmer...$1,900...Ireland

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Kelso, Dearborn, Indiana; Roll: M653_252; Page: 570; Image: 573.
Barnerd Brady...50...Ireland...farmer...$900 property...$110 personal
Mary Brady...38...Ireland
John Brady...14...NY
Catharine Brady...12...OH
Henry Brady...10...IN
Mary A Brady...9...IN
Ellen Brady...7...IN
Eliza Brady...5...IN
Barnhart Brady...3...IN
Francis Brady ...8/12...IN

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Kelso, Dearborn, Indiana; Roll: M593_307; Page: 488B; Image: 276; Family History Library Film: 545806.
Bernard $1000...personal $444
Maria Brady...47...Ireland
John Brady...24...New York
Catherine Brady...23...Ohio
Henry Brady...19...Indiana
Mary A Brady...18...Indiana
Ellen Brady...16...Indiana
Elizabeth Brady...14...Indiana
Bernard Brady...13...Indiana
Francis Brady...10...Indiana
William Brady...8...Indiana

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Kelso, Dearborn, Indiana; Roll: 272; Family History Film: 1254272; Page: 127D; Enumeration District: 46; Image: 0257.
Bernard Brady...70...farmer...Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Mary Brady...60...Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Bernard Brady...21...Indiana, Ireland, Ireland
William Brady...18...Indiana, Ireland, Ireland
Fanny Brady...20...Indiana, Ireland, Ireland

2.....i.....ELLEN BRADY.
3.....ii.....CATHERINE BRADY, b. Abt. 1848, Ohio.
.....iii.....JOHN J. BRADY, b. July 1848, New York; d. March 16, 1917, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. His tombstone says 1842, but the 1900 Tipton census says July of 1848, NY. He was a bachelor, handsome and very precise, a schoolteacher. He regularly attended church when his health didn't confine him to his room.

The Tipton Daily Tribune for Friday 16 March 1917, page one:
.....John Brady, aged seventy-three, died Friday morning at the St. Vincent hospital, Indialpolis, his death following an operation for the removal of prostate glands, the operation being performed on Wednesday of last week.
.....The aged man revived from the effects of the anesthetics and it was hoped that he could continue to improve, but he could not recover his strength and gradually grew weaker.
.....Mr. Brady was a native of New York, having been born in that state seventy-three years ago. He never was married. He came to this county a number of years ago, and during several of those years had made his home with his brother, William Brady, northeast of this city. He is survived by two brothers, they being William and Bernard. His sisters are Mrs. William McQuade of near Newcastle, Mrs. Daniel Fanning, Indiana; Mrs. William Dacey, Cincinnati, and Misses Fanny and Mary Brady, also at Cincinnati.
.....The deceased was a member of the Catholic church, regularly attending at the services when his health would permit.
.....The funeral arrangements have not been completed, but the services will be held at the Catholic church
.....iv.....HENRY BRADY, b. Abt. 1850, Indiana. Henry got typhoid fever. He begged for bacon, ate too much--all he could stuff in--and died.
.....v.....ELIZABETH BRADY, b. Abt. 1855, Indiana; m. WILLIAM DACY or DACEY. Eliza was funny, a nonstop talker and teller of tall tales. A. BRADY, b. Abt. 1857, Indiana. Mary never married. She and her brother William went off to Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio after their father died in 1897. William returned to Tipton after her death.
4.....vii.....BERNARD BRADY, b. April 10, 1857, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, Indiana; d. June 11, 1927, Tipton County, Indiana.
.....viii.....FRANCIS BRADY, b. Abt. 1859, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, Indiana. Francis never married.
5.....ix.....WILLIAM H. BRADY, b. Abt. 1864, Ohio; d. October 06, 1936.

Generation No. 2

2. ELLEN BRADY (BERNARD) was b. 10 May 1855 in Dover, Dearborn, Indiana, USA and d. 05 Jul 1938 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA. She married DANIEL FRANCIS FANNING, b. 01 Jan 1852 and d. 27 Dec 1914, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. Ella married a Joseph or Dan (in Angela Brady Wheatley's notes) Fanning. Her daughter Mae had no children; her daughter Pearl has two sons. At the time of death, he was married and a driver. They are buried in St. Joseph New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.

Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Bellevue, Campbell, Kentucky; Roll: 513; Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 30; FHL microfilm: 1240513.
Benjamin Fanning...48...Jan 1852...OH, Ireland, Ireland...salesman, retail dry goods...married 20 years
Ellen Fanning...38...May 1862...IN, Ireland, Ireland...3 children, 3 living...married 20 years
May Fanning...16...Mar 1874...OH, OH, IN...dau
Joseph Fanning...13...Feb 1887...OH, OH, IN...son
Pearl Fanning...11...June 1888...OH, OH, IN...dau
This census is confusing--they're in Kentucky, but that's quite near Cincinnati. It clearly says May is 16, but the birth year is clearly written as 1874. And the husband's name isn't Joseph OR Daniel!

1910 - Cincinnati Ward 15, Hamilton, Ohio
Daniel F Fanning...58...married 31 yrs. ...OH, Ireland, Ireland...electrician, Electric Company
Ella Fanning ...50...5 children, 3 living...IN, IN, IN
May Fanning...23...OH
Joseph Fanning...21...OH...laborer, odd jobs
Pearl Fanning...18...OH...sales lady, dept. store

1920 - Cincinnati Ward 13, Hamilton, Ohio
Ella Fanning...63...IN, Ireland, Ireland...rents home, can read and write...widow
May E Fanning...35...OH, OH, IN

.....i.....MAE E. FANNING b. Mar 1884, OH. In the 1940 census she was living with her sister Pearl's family in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.
6.....ii.....JOSEPH DANIEL FANNING, b. 16 Feb 1887 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.
6A.....ii.....ELLA PEARL FANNING, b. June 1888, OH. She married CASPER ZEISER on 27 Aug 1918 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Iowa.

3. CATHERINE BRADY (BERNARD) was born Abt. 1848 in Ohio. She married JAMES MCQUADE, a sailor of Dearborn County, Indiana, and they raised three children by Jim's previous marriage, plus seven of their own, four dying at birth--including two sets of twins. They lived near Sharpsville in Tipton Co. IN in 1881, then left about 1915 for New Castle, Henry, Indiana.

.....i.....FRANK MCQUADE, b. Abt. 1876; d. November 22, 1972, Henry County, Indiana. Frank was a bachelor, called "Happy" McQuade. He died at age 96 in Henry County Memorial Hospital. He left $50,000 to the Catholic Church in New Castle in his will. Burial: St. Anne's Cemetery.
.....ii.....JOHN MCQUADE, b. Abt. 1878.
.....iii.....ROSAZELLA MCQUADE, b. abt. 1880, d. October 14, 1957, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana; m. EDWARD MCGINN, June 08, 1905, Tipton County, Indiana; b. March 08, 1879, RIchmond, Sagadahoc, Maine; d. July 24, 1963. They owned and operated Mack's Restaurant in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana until about 1933. In Anderson, Madison, Indiana they ran Club Diner until Ed retired in 1961. They were members of St. Ambrose Catholic Church and he was in the Holy Name Society. He died at age 84. She died while living at 2332 Columbus Avenue, Indianapolis.

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Indianapolis Ward 2, Marion, Indiana; Roll: T624_366; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 0058; Image: 1050; FHL microfilm: 1374379
Edward Meginn...31...Maine, Nebraska, Nebraska...manager, Dairy Lunch
Rosela Meginn...30...IN, Ireland, IN...
Marine Mcquade...29...IN, Ireland, IN...single...sister-in-law...clerk, Dairy Lunch
Ella Mcquade...22...IN, Ireland, IN...single...sister-in-law...operator, telephone

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Greensboro, Henry, Indiana; Roll: 592; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 1140.0; FHL microfilm: 2340327.
Ellen McQuade...45...IN, Irish Free State, OH...farmer, general...$8000
Fannie McQuade...42...IN, Irish Free State, OH
William McQuade...40...IN, Irish Free State, OH...farmer, general

.....iv.....MAYME MCQUADE, b. Abt. July 1880; m. EDWARD FINLEY. She had a happy marriage with Edward Finley. Was he 22 and she 44 when they married? Anyway, they were still alive in 1969. Alice Brady says they had no children; Angela Brady thinks they had a son, Edward, who died suddenly.
.....v.....FANNIE MCQUADE, b. July 17, 1882 Dearborn County, IN; d. 13 Jun 1946 Anderson, Madison, IN. V. MCQUADE, b. Abt. 1883, Indiana; d. April 21, 1969, RIchmond, Wayne, Indiana. Called "Sonny," he was a cocky bachelor, a native of Tipton County, but had lived in Kennard--six miles west of New Castle--since 1916. Burial: St. Anne's Cemetery.
.....vii.....GERTRUDE MCQUADE, b. abt 1890, badly crippled, known as Trudy, never married.
.....viii.....ELLEN MCQUADE, b. Abt. 1892, d. 27 Jan 1941 Anderson, Madison, IN.

4. BERNARD BRADY (BERNARD) was born April 10, 1857 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana, and died June 11, 1927 in Tipton County, Indiana. He married ISABELLE GERTRUDE CONLEY May 09, 1893, daughter of DANIEL CONLEY and MARY LOVETT. She was born May 10, 1869 in Jennings County, Indiana, and died June 09, 1940.

Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T623_406; Page: 48B; Enumeration District: 119.
B B Brady...42...Apr 1858...IN, Ireland, Ireland...married 7 years...farmer
Isabel Brady...29...May 1871...IN, IN, IN...3 children, 3 living
Maud Brady...5...June 1894...IN, IN, IN
Irene Brady...3...June 1896...IN, IN, IN
Charles Brady...1...Nov 1898...IN, IN, IN

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T624_382; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 0182; Image: 503; FHL Number: 1374395.
Bernard B Brady...52...Indiana, Ireland, Ireland...married 16 years
Isabelle G Brady...38...Indiana, Maryland, Indiana...6 children, 6 living
Isabelle M Brady...15...Texas, Indiana, Indiana...dau
Irene M Brady...13...IN, IN, IN...dau
Charles B Brady...11...IN, IN, IN...son
Angela G Brady...8 ...IN, IN, IN...dau
Edna M Brady...5...IN, IN, IN...dau
Harold D Brady....3 ...IN, IN, IN...son

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T625_466; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 191; Image: 247.
Bernard B Brady...62...IN, Ireland, Ireland...own home...can read/write...farmer, general
Isabelle G Brady...49...IN, PA, IN
Irene M Brady...22...IN, IN, IN
Charles Brady...21...IN, IN, IN
Angeline A Brady...17...IN, IN, IN
Edna M Brady...15...IN, IN, IN
Harold E Brady...12...IN, IN, IN
Joseph G Brady...6...IN, IN, IN

Indiana Archives and Records Administration; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Death Certificates; Year: 1926 - 1927; Roll: 08
Name Bernard B. Brady
Gender Male
Race White
Age 71
Marital Status Married
Birth Date 10 Apr 1856
Birth Place Lawrenceburg Ind
Death Date 11 Jun 1927 at 3:20 a.m.
Death Place Cicero, Tipton, Indiana, USA
cerebral hemorrhage
Father Bernard Brady, Ireland
Mother Mary Brady, Ireland
Spouse Isabelle Brady
Informant: Mrs. Joseph Mattingly

Obituary, 11 June 1927
.....This morning at 3:30 o'clock Bernard B. Brady, one of the best known and well respected farmers of this county, died at his home northeast of Tipton two and one-half miles, death fallowing an attack of heart trouble and paralysis suffered two weeks ago. Mr. Brady had not been in good health for some time but his condition did not become critical until after his attack which was a slight stroke. The passing of Bernard Brady removes from this community one it's pioneers.
.....Mr. Brady was born in Dearborn county, April 10th, 1858, a son of Bernard and Mary (Cushion) Brady, pioneers of that county. He was one of ten children, William Brady, north of Tipton; Mrs. Katherine McQuade of Newcastle and Mrs. Elizabeth Dacy, Mrs. Ellen Fanning and Misses Mary and Frances Brady all of Cincinnati, being the survivors.
.....Following his marriage to Miss Belle Conley, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Lovett) Conley, in 1893, he and his bride went west to Wichita Falls, Texas, where they resided for a short time and where their eldest daughter, Isabelle was born. They then removed to this county purchasing the farm on which they since resided.
.....In addition to the widow, he is survived by the following children, Mrs. Joseph B. Mattingly, Tipton, Mrs. Leo Casey and Mrs. James Ward of Gary; Charles Brady, South Bend and Angela, Harold and Joseph at home.

Burial: St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Tipton, Tipton County, IN St Row 6 Grave 8. Tombstone has "Bernard Brady" and the dates 1858 and 1927 separated by a cross.

Year: 1930; Census Place: 516 North Independence, Tipton, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: 631; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 0003; Image: 100.0; FHL microfilm: 2340366
Isabelle G. Brady...57...IN, MD, IN...widowed...owns $1500 home and radio set...
Joseph P. Brady...16...IN, IN, IN...son

Year: 1940; Census Place: 1901 South H Street, Elwood, Madison, Indiana; Roll: T627_1074; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 48-65
Herbert Wheatley...35...KY...rents home, $15...8th grade education...manager/owner...
Angela Wheatley...38...IN...8th grade
Dorothy Wheatley...11...IN...4th grade
Robt Wheatley...9...IN...3rd grade
Judith Wheatley...7...IN...1st grade
Marybelle Wheatley...4...IN
Isabelle Brady...70...IN...widow...8th grade education...mother-in-law
Joseph Brady...26...IN...high school, 4 yr...agent...income $2600...son

.....Bernard Brady Jr. was a very extroverted man with the Irish gift of gab. Never weighing less than 200 pounds, still he was never heavy, and he'd sit at the head of the table swigging cream from the crock. He knew the family jokes and myths, and was easygoing, but very much the head of the house.
.....He played the violin for square dances.
.....Bernard suffered from an illness--perhaps typhoid or diphtheria--and went to Texas for three years for his health. He used to talk of "sledding" in Texas, which was how they traveled/transported things, but Dan Mattingly always pictured him wrapped in furs in the snow! He was chased through the snow once by wolves, reporting that they kept gaining, and he kept shooting. (Once he claimed to have shot at wolves so far away that the barrel of his rifle stretched.) While in Texas, he owned the first threshing machine in the area, and cut others' crops for pay. His Texas land was bought for a dollar to a dollar and half per acre from a realtor named Mr. Clark, and he had 300 acres, forty miles from the nearest town, much not at all tillable. There were two log cabins, one for storage, and one outhouse. Bernard loved it there. He built a log cabin, and Belle joined him--possibly in the Wichita Falls area. The water there had to be hauled in barrels, and sat in the sun, becoming brown and bad-tasting, so she developed boils and got sick. Grandma Brady came out to be with them when Isabelle Ursula Brady was born. There's still a place near Wichita Falls called Brady, Texas; was it named for our family?
.....Apparently, while they were separated, Bernard and Belle sent many love letters illustrated with stick people hugging and kissing. Belle kept them hidden in a box, but one day Angela found them and read with Irene, and that night they gave themselves away by giggling at the table. Belle checked the letters, saw they'd been moved, and cried and cried, saying, "I might as well burn them. They aren't a secret now."
.....When Isabelle Ursula was a few months old, they sold the Texas farm for one in North (or possibly South) Dakota, sight unseen. (Oil was found on our land in Texas after we traded it off!) The family took a train to Tipton that fall, and Bernard went up first, and when he found the cattle lying frozen stiff, he sold it, and returned to Tipton County, Indiana, to a log cabin where Charlie and Irene were born.
.....Later the log cabin was moved back and the Brady farmhouse was built on the site; when Angela was born, the new house was still incomplete. Eventually the log cabin was torn down, for it was covered with straw and rat-infested. Bernard had a .22 Winchester; he would corner the rats the barn, have Angela shine a light on them, then rush to the house for the rifle while she was trembling in the barn with the rats. One night everyone got a club and he set fire to the cabin, sending the rats squealing out into the yard. Angela got so excited she hit little John Mattingly instead of a rat and sent him flying.
.....In Tipton, the Brady farm was on Division Road, known as "Academy Road" for the Catholic school there. The house was 1 ˝ miles from the Academy, where Bernard Jr. planted trees along the school's drive. Angela helped her father build a little garage behind their farm. Seven catalba trees were planted along the front of the lot. The lower right bedroom is where all the kids were born, and Dan CONLEY (see the Conley history) died there.
.....There were always several dogs and cats on the farm--the black-and-white dog in family pictures was Bernard's, called "Spot." Joe had a goat that jumped from the haymow and broke its neck. The Bradys also owned an old pony named Pansy. They also kept geese, and the night before Irene's wedding eight geese that were locked in the back found the gate left open, got into the yard, and "shat" everywhere from the front walk around the house to the back. Angela had to carry buckets and buckets of water to clean that up!

Bernard fancied himself a bit of a prophet--he claimed he foretold horseless buggies and both world wars. His wife used to say, "People'll think you're crazy--quit talking like that!"
.....The Bradys owned the Diana Theater in Tipton, and their children used to sell tickets and watch Rudolph Valentino movies there. Bernard bought the Diana Theater to change the town by stopping the burlesque shows. He'd check the act out at Noblesville first, making sure it was clean...but inevitably on the last night in Tipton they'd change the act, tear off panties and throw them to the crowd, and he'd get so mad! It was too much work for him, doing farming and censoring the shows. His daughter Angela took tickets. Whores would come in from two or three local whorehouses, sporting fox or mink stoles, and watch theater to kill time until the madame, Mrs. Jackson, asked Angela to get Foxy or Minx, naming them by their clothes. Stony Castle was the whorehouse by the railroad junction, west of the water tank for locomotives. Young Bobby Henderson got a disease there and his mother wrote an article in the newspaper on it. She'd given him money for it to keep him from bothering the local girls!
.....Once, Annie "Whiskers" Huffman, a Rosary Society lady who dressed all in black and resembled an Indian, dunned Bernard for money. She jokingly reached into his pocket for a donation--and found that his pocket was ripped out, and he wasn't wearing any underwear!
.....Bernard was a server at Cicero much of the time. He played the organ at mission churches all around the district almost every week. He had a small organ at home. He rode around to the churches in a little buggy. He bought his first car, a Hains, 1918 or so, the year before Isabelle married. The barn was getting dilapidated and they were saving money to fix it, but Isabelle was marrying up in society, so he got the car! Isabelle was mad because the barn looked so bad. When he died, Charlie or Uncle John took the family to St. John's Church.
.....The priest in Tipton, Father Bilstein (born 12 Feb. 1867, ordained 7 June 1891, pastor of St. John parish 1913--1945, died 5 April 1945), had a rifle and liked shooting squirrels, but Bernard didn't like shooting animals, though he did go along.

When the bishop confirmed him as "Bernard Benedict Brady," he stumbled over the Latin, saying, "Bernard--Bernardus Benedictus Brady," and Bernard decided he'd been given an extra name. He carved four "B's" onto the porch steps in honor of his new name.

Somehow he was always the last one in church. Father Bilstein, his friend, would stop and stare him down. Bernard didn't mind--he kind of liked the attention--but the kids were mortally embarrassed and would slip into other pews. "Well, it's you again, huh? You'll be late for your own funeral," the strict German would grunt. "You'd still be late if you lived in the shadow of the church." Two or three blocks from the church, the tire blew on Bernard's hearse, and they rolled to the church plunkety-plunk on the rim. Everyone turned to each other and gasped. He WAS late for his own funeral!
.....He died of a stroke. The porch floor had rotted around the pump, and he worked hard on it all Saturday afternoon. The job was too big, but he wouldn't quit. Finally he lay on the davenport, red as beefsteak, and couldn't seem to get enough water. That night he slept well, and the next morning he sat up to prepare for church. "There's nothing wrong with me that a little religion won't help," he snapped. But the family heard a thump; he fell. It took everyone in the house to get him into bed--they seemed to feel it was important, and didn't go for help until after that was done. The doctor diagnosed a cerebral stroke. He stayed home, and his left arm went up and down all the time. Although he had numerous small strokes, he was conscious off and on, but two weeks later he was buried.

Indiana Archives and Records Administration; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Death Certificates; Year: 1941; Roll: 07 Name: Isabelle Gertrude Brady [Isabelle Gertrude Conley]
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 72
Marital Status: Widow
Birth Date: 27 May 1869
Birth Place: Indiana
Death Date: 9 Jun 1941 at 4:30 p.m.
Death Place: Elwood, Madison, Indiana, USA
Cause of Death: cerebral hemorrhage of 18 months duration, arterial hypertension last 5 years
Father: Dan Conley, Maryland
Mother: Mary Conley, Kentucky
Spouse: Bernard Brady
Informant: Harold Brady, Michigan City, Indiana
Burial: 6/11/1941 St. John's

Jun 1941 , Tipton Co, Indiana (but what newspaper?)
Mrs. Isabelle Gertrude Brady, a resident north of Tipton for many years died Monday afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Herbert Wheatley in Elwood, after a lingering illness. The body was brought to the Young Funeral home here to lie in state until the hour of the funeral services, Thursday morning at 8:00 o'clock at St. John's Catholic church with the pastor, Rev. Father Joseph Bilstein officiating. Interment will be in St. John's Catholic cemetery.Mrs. Brady was the daughter of Thomas and Mary (Lovett) Conley, and was born in Jennings county May 17, 1869. On May 9, 1892, she married Bernard Brady, who passed away June 11, 1927. There were seven children in the family and two preceded the mother in death, Mrs. Isabelle Mattingly and Mrs. Edna Ward. Surviving children are; Mrs. Leo Casey, Charles Brady, Angela, Harold, Joseph and Mrs. Wheatley.

7.....i.....ISABELLE URSULA BRADY, b. June 18, 1896, Wichita Falls, Texas; d. April 22, 1933, Tipton County, Indiana.
8.....ii.....MARY IRENE BRADY, b. June 16, 1898; d. December 07, 1971, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.
.....iii.....CHARLES BERNARD BRADY, b. 26 Nov 1899, Tipton County, Indiana; d. 23 Oct 1956, Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Charlie never married. In Chicago, he was in charge of stocking magazines in store racks. He came back to visit a couple times a year. He was in the army but, because of his poor health, he worked on the railroad in Tipton in his uniform!

Per (where you can see a photo of his tombstone):
.....Charles Brady, 56, a native of Tipton, died in his Chicago home at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The cause of death was given as a heart attack.
.....There will be a Rosary service at 8 p.m. Thursday in Young's Funeral home, where the body will lie in state after tonight. Rev. Fr. Jerome Walski will conduct funeral services from St. John's church at 9 p.m. Friday, with internment in St. John's Catholic cemetery.
.....The deceased man was born in Tipton on Nov. 26, 1899, to Bernard and Isabelle (Conley) Brady. He lived here until he was about 18 years old, and then moved to Chicago, where he was employed as a salesman. In Chicago, the Tipton native belonged to the Holy Name cathedral.
.....Two brothers, Harold Brady of Anderson and Joseph Brady of Alexandria, survive, as do two sister, Mrs. Herbert Wheatle, of Elwood and Mrs. Leo Casey, of Phoenix, Ariz. Two other sisters, Mrs. Joe Mattingly of Tipton and Mrs. James Ward of Gary, are deceased.
9.....iv.....ANGELA GERTRUDE BRADY, b. January 14, 1902, Tipton County, Indiana; d. May 24, 1990, Tipton County, Indiana.
10.....v.....EDNA MARGARET BRADY, b. October 22, 1904, Tipton County, Indiana; d. May 16, 1936, Tipton County, Indiana. DANIEL BRADY, b. February 05, 1907, Tipton County, Indiana; d. March 25, 1978, Bradenton, Florida.
12.....vii.....JOSEPH PATRICK BRADY, b. March 17, 1913, Tipton County, Indiana; d. May 28, 1986, Muncie, Indiana.

5. WILLIAM H. BRADY (BERNARD) was born Abt. 1864 in Ohio, and died October 06, 1936. He married AMELIA M. ERTEL June 06, 1906, daughter of JOHN M. ERTEL and JOSEPHINE TEBBE. She was born August 01, 1880 in Shelbyville, Indiana and died 5 September 1960. Burial in St Johns Catholic Cemetery, Tipton, Tipton, Indiana--Row 6 Grave 20 for William and 21 for her.

1900 census - Cicero, Tipton, Indiana
Brady, W. H. ...May 1871...29...IN, Ireland, Ireland...farmer
next door to Dan Conley and J.J. Brady

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T624_382; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 0182; Image: 510; FHL Number: 1374395. May 4, 1910
William H Brady...41...IN, Ireland, Ireland...married 3 years...farmer
Millie M Brady...29...IN, IN, IN...1 child, 1 living
Alice J Brady...11/12...IN, IN, IN
John J Brady...64...NY, Ireland, Ireland...own

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T625_466; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 190; Image: 236.
William H Brady...52...IN, Ireland, Ireland...own home...can read/write...laborer, farm
Millie Brady...39...IN, IN, IN
Alice Brady...10...IN, IN, IN
Helen Brady...7...IN, IN, IN

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: 631; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 115.0.
William H Brady...67...IN, Irish Free State, Irish Free State...married at 43...field man, canning factory Millie W Brady...48...IN, IN, IN...married at 26
Alice J Brady...20...IN, IN, IN...
Mary H Brady...17...IN, IN, IN..

William always kept his word, couldn't abide quarreling, and was considerate of others. The storyteller of the family, he played violin for square dances. He was a field man for the Stokely Brothers cannery, a member of the St. John's Society, and of the Knights of Columbus, per his obituary, which described him as "a happy, jovial man, always ready to see the bright side of every problem" and mentioned "his ready Irish wit."

Amelia was a German-blooded lady who'd always said she'd marry an Irishman. She liked to read.

William H. Brady, 70, well known farmer residing northeast of Tipton two miles, died suddenly at his home Tuesday evening about 5:30 o'clock, of an acute heart attack. Mr. Brady had finished the evening work at the barns, his last task being the milking of five cows and he carried the two buckets of milk to the house and set them on the rear porch. He called his wife and told her he was very sick with what he thought was an attack of indigestion. Mrs. Brady prepared him a drink of soda water which he drank and appeared to be better. After remaining seated on the porch a short time he arose and entered the house, and his wife heard him fall. Rushing to his side she found him breathing heavily and unable to speak. She called a doctor, out but death had occurred probably an instant after he fell, according to the opinion of the doctor. The body was removed to the Young funeral home on West Jefferson street for preparation, and will he returned to the home Wednesday evening to lie in state until the hour of services. Tentative plans have been made for holding the service at St. John's Church at 9 o'clock Friday morning. Friends may call at the home at any time after Wednesday evening. William H. Brady, who was born in Ohio, came to this county in 1884 after the death of his parents, he and a brother John, how deceased, resided together, on the home place northeast of Tipton. He was married June 6, 1906 to Miss Millie Ertel, daughter of John M. Ertel of Tipton, and they resided on the farm northeast of Tipton during their married life. Two daughters, Alice, employed as bookkeeper at the Bargain Grocery, and Helen, employed in secretarial work at Bloomington survive with the widow. The late Bernard B. Brady, husband of Mrs. Isabelle Brady, of East Jefferson street, was a brother.

Birth: Aug. 1, 1880
Death: Sep. 5, 1960
.....Mrs. Millie Brady, 80, who had been ill for several months, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dan Ryan, on Monday. Funeral services have been arranged for 10 a.m. Thursday at St. John's Catholic church, with the Rev. Jerome Walski officiating. Burial will be in S t . John's cemetery. Friends may call - at Young's Funeral home from 1 to 7 p.m. today.
.....Born Aug. 1, 1880 in Shelby County, she was the daughter of John and Josephine (Tebbe) Ertel. Her marriage to William H. Brady occurred on June 6, 1906 and they were the parents of two children. He died in October, 1936. She was a member of St. John's church and had attended St. John's school. Children of WILLIAM BRADY and AMELIA ERTEL are:
13.....i.....ALICE BRADY, b. April 16, 1909, Tipton County, Indiana. She was a bookkeepper at the Bargain Grocery.
14.....ii.....HELEN BRADY, b. 9 Nov 1912, Tipton Co. IN. She was a secretary in Bloomington

Generation No. 3

6. JOSEPH DANIEL FANNING (ELLEN BRADY, BERNARD) He was b. 16 Feb 1887 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; he died in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida in March 1969. On 17 Jun 1914 in Bellevue, Campbell, Kentucky, he married ELSIE HOEBBEL (1891 La Follette, Campbell, Tennessee to 1977). They lived in Dayton, Campbell, Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Dayton Ward 4, Campbell, Kentucky; Roll: T625_564; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 48; Image: 393. Jan. 15, 1920
Joseph Fanning...32...OH, OH, OH...can read/write...salesman, cigar factory
Elsie Fanning...28...TN, Germany, Germany
Ethlyn Fanning...4 8/12...KY, OH, TN

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Dayton, Campbell, Kentucky; Roll: 738; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 27; Image: 420.0.
Joseph Fanning...43...IN, IN, IN...salesman, Rhode
Elsie Fanning...38...TN, Germany, Germany
Ethlyn Fanning...14...KY, IN, TN...dau
Rose Hoebbel...40...OH, Germany, Germany...sister-in-law

Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Fort Thomas, Campbell, Kentucky; Roll: T627_1290; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 19-67. Street address: 107 Lumley
Joseph D. Fanning...53...OH
Elsie A. Fanning...48...TN
Ethlyn H. Hale...24...KY...dau
Thomas Hale...3...KY...grandson
Rose Halebbel...50...OH...sister-in-law

Name: Joseph Fanning
SSN: 288-10-3205
Last Residence: 33305 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, United States of America
Born: 16 Feb 1887
Died: Mar 1969
State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (Before 1951)

He shares a tombstone with Elsie in Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Campbell County, Kentucky (plot: section 67)

6A.....ELLA PEARL FANNING (ELLEN BRADY, BERNARD), b. June 1888, OH. She married CASPER ZEISER on 27 Aug 1918 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. He was born 9 March 1888 in Cincinnati to Leonard L. Zeiser and Magdalene Meyer, and died there 7 May 1928.

Casper Zeiser
DOB 9 March 1888
2122 West 6th, Cincinnati, Ohio
bartender for L. L. Zeiser, same address
Medium height, stout, blue eyes, black hair

OHIO DEATHS 1908--1953
Name: Casper Zeiser
event: Death
event date: 07 May 1928
event place: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio
street address: 3019 Murdock Ave., 20th Ward
gender: Male
death age: 40y 1m 28d
marital status: Married
race: white
occupation: bar tender
birth date: 09 Mar 1888
birthplace: Cincinnati
estimated birth year: 1888
burial date: 11 May 1928
burial place:
cemetery: St. Josephs German
father: Leonard L. Zeiser
father's birthplace: Cincinnati
mother: Margaret Meyers
mother's birthplace: Cincinnati
spouse: Pearl Zeiser
reference number: fn 30673
film number: 1991298
digital folder number: 4096047
image number: 2371

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; Roll: 1814; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 220; Image: 122.0; FHL microfilm: 2341548
Pearl Zeiser...37...OH, OH, occupation...$20
Daniel Zeiser...10...OH, OH, OH
Irwin Zeiser...7...OH, OH, OH

Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; Roll: T627_3190; Page: 61B; Enumeration District: 91-124. Street: 222 Kenton
Mae Fanning...49...OH...single...8 years of school
Pearl Zeiser...47...OH...widowed...sister...8 years of school
Daniel Zeiser...20...OH...nephew...4 years of high school
Harry I. Zeiser...17...OH...nephew...2 years of high school
(Nobody's employed. What are they living on?)

.....i.....DANIEL LEONARD ZEISER, born 01 Jun 1919 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Daniel L Zeiser
Birth Year: 1919
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Ohio
State of Residence: Ohio
County or City: Hamilton
 Enlistment Date: 4 Nov 1942
Enlistment State: Ohio
Enlistment City: Cincinnati
Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: 1 year of college
Civil Occupation: General industry clerks
Marital Status: Single, with dependents
Height: 68
Weight: 125
.....ii.....HARRY IRWIN ZEISER, born abt. 1923, died unmarried 22 Jan 1970, both in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA.

7. ISABELLE URSULA BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born June 18, 1896 in Wichita Falls, Texas, and died April 22, 1933 in Tipton County, Indiana. On 12 October 1915 she married JOSEPH BERNARD MATTINGLY October 12, 1915 in Tipton County, Indiana, son of JOHN MATTINGLY and MARY MORAN. He was born August 20, 1886 in Tipton County, Indiana, and died July 07, 1961 in Tipton County, Indiana. They are buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Tipton, Tipton, Indiana.

300 were at Isabelle's wedding, plus eight geese. Angela was scolded for refusing to clean up the spilled chicken guts and potato peelings. has this obituary, newspaper unknown:
.....The death of Mrs Joseph B. Mattingly at her home southeast of Tipton came as a great shock to the family and friends of this splendid woman. Death which occurred about 4:30 Saturday morning, was caused by infection arising in child birth. The baby was born dead and complications arising caused the death of the mother. The death is a sad one and the sorrowing husband and other relatives have the sincere sympathy of all. Mrs. Mattingly was an exceptionally loveable woman, a mother and wife whose devotion to home and family was most marked and her passing is mourned by many.
.....The deceased was the daughter of Bernard and Isabelle (Conley) Brady and was born in Tipton county northeast of Tipton 38 years ago, being reared on the farm. She attended the county schools and later graduated from St. Joseph's academy. Her marriage to Joseph B. Mattingly occurred at St. John's Church in Tipton October 12, 1915, and the husband and four children survive. The children are John Bernard, Daniel, Miriam and a baby daughter. Rosemary. She is also survived by the mother, Mrs. Isabelle Brady of East Jefferson street, this city, and several brothers and sisters, Joseph Brady, who makes his home with the mother; Harold Brady of Michigan City; Mrs. Irene Casey of Newark, Ohio; Charles Brady of South Bend; Mrs. Angela Wheatley of Alexandria and Mrs. Edna Ward, Gary.
.....Mrs. Mattingly was a devout member of St. John's Catholic church of Tipton, and a member of the Young Ladies Sodality, and was active in all departments of the church.

Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Cicero, Tipton, Indiana; Roll: T627_1100; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 80-5. Address: Simmonds Crassneg Road
Joseph Mattingly...59...IN...laborer, farm
John Mattingly...21...IN
Daniel Mattingly...19....IN
Maram Mattingly...16...IN
Rosemary Mattingly...12...IN has this obituary, newspaper unknown:
.....Joseph Bernard Mattingly, former Tipton county auditor and Democrat precinct committeeman, died at 3 p.m. Friday at his home on route 4. Services have been arranged for 10 a.m. Monday at St. John's Catholic church, Rev. Jerome Walski will officiate and burial will follow in St. John's cemetery. Friends may call at Young's Funeral home after 7 p.m. today. Rosary services will be conducted at 8 p.m. Sunday.
.....The Tipton county native was born Aug. 20, 1880, the son of John B. and Mary Mattingly. On Oct 12, 1915, he married Isabel Brady and they were the parents of six children, two of whom are deceased. She died April 20, 1933.
.....A farmer, he was a member of St. John's Catholic church, Knights of Columbus and Farm Bureau. He was graduated from St. Joseph's academy in 1898.
.....Surviving are two sons, John B. Mattingly, of DeLand, Fla.; Daniel J. Mattingly, of Tipton county; two daughters, Miss Miriam Mattingly, of Biloxi, Miss., and Mrs. Rosemary Glass, of Indianapolis; a sister, Mrs. Colletta Kilroy, of Chicago Ill., and nine grandchildren.

.....ii.....JOHN BERNARD MATTINGLY, b. 25 January 1919 Tipton County, Indiana; d. 2 Feb 1997 Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington, Virginia. He married DELORES MARIE KEENE.

8. MARY IRENE BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born June 16, 1898, and died December 07, 1971 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. She married LEO PATRICK CASEY May 11, 1925 in St. John's Catholic Church, Tipton County, Indiana, son of TIMOTHY CASEY and SARAH DELEHUNZ. He was born July 29, 1903 in Carlinsville, Illinois, and died December 24, 1967 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. For both, burial: Saint Francis Cemetery Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. See photo of shared tombstone at

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Elwood, Madison, Indiana; Roll: 605; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 48; Image: 1040.0; FHL microfilm: 2340340
Leo P. Casey...26...IL, IL, IL..."Estametor", Plumbing & Heating
Mary I. Casey...30...IN, IN, IN
Bernard L. Casey...2 5/12...IN, IN, IN

Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas; Roll: T627_1240; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 52-25A. Address: 912 Osage Street
Leo P. Casey...36...IL...high school...plumber, U.S. government
Irene M. Casey...40...IN...8th grade schooling
Bernard Casey...12...IN...6th grade schooling

9. ANGELA GERTRUDE BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born January 14, 1902 in Tipton County, Indiana, and died May 24, 1990 in Tipton County, Indiana. She married HERBERT WILFRED WHEATLEY May 31, 1928 in St. John's Catholic Church, Tipton County, Indiana, son of WILFORD WHEATLEY and BEATRICE BUCKMAN. He was born December 14, 1904 in Louisville, Kentucky and died 1981. Angela and Herb were buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Elwood, Madison, Indiana.

.....Phil Ryan's mother died when he was born, and his father blamed him--they found his father giving him a bottle of milk clabbered sour, with a fly in it! Katie Craven raised Phil, willed her home to him and two sisters. He got $1000 and with it bought a Ford coupe, a watch for Angela, and would date her--he taught her to drive. When he was under 16 he joined the Army; when he got out he was young and bored, so he started working for Joe Mattingly and took the front room upstairs. Although he loved her, she saw him as a big brother, so he left for Santa Barbara, California. Angela said he married a nice half-Mexican woman dancer and had three children. She heard he was crushed and killed in road construction work, but he came to the farm in Tipton for a visit the year before they moved to Elwood.
.....Angela had a handsome boyfriend in Tipton of whom her brother Charlie disapproved. When the man died of appendicitis, she attended the funeral over Charlie's protests. As she entered and put a bouquet of flowers on his casket, the KKK marched in in full regalia, pushed aside her flowers, and put a cross of white flowers on the casket. Charlie had suspected his allegiance to the Klan, who were strongly anti-Catholic. (In Tipton, there was no one else for them to hate!)
.....Angela also used to date Raymond Moochie (spelling?), called "Sam." He helped Margaret Ward (see the Ward history on this website) cook on their 1925 train trip to California. Before leaving, he told Herb Wheatley to take care of Angela while he was gone; by the time he came back, it was too late. They were in love.
.....Herb retired from Delco Remy in Anderson in December of 1966. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus, UAW 662 Retirees Club, and a founding member of St. Joseph's Cemetery Association 1968, especially interested in setting up the crucifixion scene and construction of the permanent altar. He died at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
.....Angela was the biggest influence on Rita (Ward) Leavell as a wife and mother, and in great part she raised her niece when Edna Brady Ward died. Angela also told family stories to Rita's daughter Jane, who wrote them down and built this website. Rita's children called her "Grandma Wheatley."
.....On Decoration Day, Bernard said the organ was broken so there would be no wedding march played on it for Angela's wedding. He would have the bellringer give one ding, then play the regular bells. The next day, she thought she heard the bell, marched to the altar, and THEN the organ played "Here Comes the Bride" and she had to stand there through it!

Children of Angela Brady and Herbert Wheatley include:
.....i.....DOROTHY WHEATLEY, b. 14 Mar 1929, d. 16 Apr 1944
.....iii.....JUDITH ANN WHEATLEY, b. 25 Mar 1932 and d. 25 Oct 2005. On 21 May 1955 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Elwood, Madison, Indiana, she married THOMAS EDWARD DONAHUE, b. 07 Sep 1920 Kokomo, Howard, IN; d. 02 Jul 2009 Anderson, Madison, Indiana.

See this obituary and a picture at
ALEXANDRIA, INDIANA-Judy Donahue, 73, died Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at her residence following an extended illness.
.....Judy was born March 25, 1932 in Elwood and lived her early years in Tipton, Elwood and Alexandria. She graduated from Elwood High School in 1950. Judy was an employee of Rhodes Jewelry Stores in Elwood and Tipton and just prior to her marriage was a stewardess with Capitol Airlines, flying out of Washington, DC. She was a member of St. Mary Church in Alexandria.
.....In 1955, she became the bride of Thomas (Ted) Donahue and thereafter was a resident of Alexandria for 50 years. During this time she was active in the Alexandria Civic Theater and joined with her family members in many productions of that group. She was a former member of the Tri Kappa Sorority and the Art Circle.
.....Judy and her husband were avid RVers and together made many winter trips to the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America. On her last trip to Mexico in 2003, she had the pleasure of meeting her sponsored child in the Christian Children's Fund in the state of Oaxaca.
.....Surviving are her husband-Thomas E. (Ted) Donahue; son-John David, wife Maggie Pax, of Lexington, Massachusetts, daughter-Anne Marie of Cambridge, Massachusetts, daughter-Karen Ripma husband Ron, of Lyndhurst, Ohio. She took special joy in her five grandchildren: Ben and Kate Donahue, Stephanie, Kyle and Jacob Ripma.
.....Judy also leaves a sister Maribell, husband Dr. John Dehner of Richmond, Indiana, sister-Carol Mattingly of Dallas, Texas, brother-Bob, wife Joan Wheatley of Walloon Lake, Michigan; and brother Jack, wife Karin of Oslo, Norway. Judy also is survived by a special friend John Shea of San Francisco, Mexico. She leaves too Joanne Sullivan, a lifetime friend of Judy and her family and several nieces and nephews.
.....Preceding her in death were her parents Herb and Angela Brady Wheatley and an older sister Dorothy Wheatley.
.....A Mass of Christian Burial will be at 10 AM on Thursday, October 27, 2005 in St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1306 South A Street in Elwood with Rev. Fr. Paul W. Cochran, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Alexandria.
.....Friends may call at the Noffze Funeral Home, 501 North Harrison Street in Alexandria on Wednesday from 3 PM to 8 PM. A Prayer Service will be in the funeral home at 7:30 Wednesday.
.....Memorial contributions may be made to the Building Fund of Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria through the funeral home.

Thomas E. Donahue
Sept. 7, 1920 - July 2, 2009
.....ALEXANDRIA - Thomas E. "Ted" Donahue, 88, Alexandria, died July 2, 2009, at Community Hospital in Anderson after a brief illness.
.....He was born Sept. 7, 1920, in Kokomo, the son of Tom Donahue and Helen (Hall) Donahue, and lived in Alexandria since 1929.
.....Ted was a graduate of Alexandria High School class of 1937, attended Ball State and George Washington universities and was a 1947 graduate of Indiana University. He served his country in World War II from 1943-1945 with a unit of the 5th Army Air Force in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines and was with occupation forces in Hokkaido Island, Japan, after the war's end.
.....Ted was a founder and co-owner of Donahue Gas Inc., of Anderson and Muncie from which he retired in 1986. He was elected to the Alexandria City Council in 1952 and served two terms, ending in 1960. He was a member of St. Mary's Church at Alexandria, the Kiwanis Club of Alexandria and the American Legion Post 87.
.....An avid RV'er, he and his wife made many wintertime trips to the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America.
.....He was a student of the Spanish language and culture with Los Amantes de Espanol at the Anderson Public Library. He always enjoyed the challenge of a New York Times crossword puzzle.
.....Survivors include a son, John David "Jack" (Maggie Pax) Donahue of Lexington, Mass.; two daughters, Anne Marie Donahue of Cambridge, Mass., and Karen (Ron) Ripma of Lyndhurst, Ohio; five grandchildren, Ben and Kate Donahue, Stephanie, Kyle and Jacob Ripma; two brothers, Jim (DJ) Donahue of Green Valley, Ariz., and Charles Donahue of Westport, Conn.; and several nieces and nephews.
.....He was preceded in death by his parents; wife of 50 years, Judy (Wheatley) Donahue on Oct. 25, 2005; sisters, Dorothy Roach and Mary Jo Reynolds; and brother, Pat Donahue.
.....Mass of Christian Burial will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday in the Church of Saint Mary at Alexandria, 820 W. Madison St., Alexandria, with the Rev. Father Paul W. Cochran as officiant. Interment will follow in the IOOF Cemetery in Alexandria.
.....Friends may call at the Owens Funeral Home, 412 N. Harrison St., Alexandria, from 4 to 8 p.m. today. A Prayer Service will take place at 7:30 p.m. today at the funeral home.
.....Memorial contributions may be made to the Building Fund of the Church of Saint Mary at Alexandria or the Alexandria Monroe Township Historical Society through the funeral home.

.....iv.....MARY ISABELLE WHEATLEY, known as "Maribell," b. 28 Jun 1935 Alexandria, Madison, Indiana. She married JOHN DEHNER 28 Dec 1957 in Elwood, Madison, Indiana. John was a first cousin of Sara, the wife of presidential press secretary Jim Brady, and visited him in the hospital after he was shot with the President (Ronald Reagan). The Dehners lived in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana. She died 08 Feb 2009.
.....Maribell Dehner, 73, died peacefully Sunday at Reid Memorial Hospital, after a brief illness compounded by other health problems. She spent the last moments of her life in the presence of her family, where she was most happy. A beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, as well as a faithful Catholic, relentless peace-seeker, proud Democrat, avid reader, lifelong bridge player, adventurous traveler, dedicated Cardinals fan and unabashed lover of competitive trivia, Maribell devoted herself to the comfort and support of all of those lucky enough to find their way into her life. Born Mary Isabel on June 28, 1935, in Alexandria, Indiana, the fourth of six children of Herb and Angela Wheatley, she grew up in Elwood, Indiana, where she graduated from Willke High School in 1953. She completed her training at Holy Cross Central Nursing School in Kokomo and South Bend in 1956, and on Dec. 28, 1957, she began her marriage of more than 51 years to John Dehner, her high school sweetheart whom she first met at a picnic in 1948. While John completed his military service and pursued his medical training, the young couple lived in Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Hampton, Virginia. They settled in Richmond, Indiana, in 1966, where they have lived ever since, with the exception of a one-year hiatus for further medical training in Tucson, Arizona, in 1975. She especially enjoyed spending time with family and friends in northern Michigan. Maribell was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church and was active in a number of other community organizations including Tourist Club, Magazine Club and Tuesday Aftermath. She was an enthusiastic member of two Bridge Clubs, one of which has met continuously for nearly 50 years. She is survived by her husband, John; daughters Jennifer (Jeff) Cox, of Dayton, and Mary (John) Carpenter of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan; sons, John (Amber) Dehner of Bloomington and Thomas (Carol Mallory) of Boston; 11 beautiful grandchildren, Abby, Grace, Jack, Thomas, Patrick, Sally, Ezra, Owen, Tobias, Isabel and Theo; brothers, Robert (Joan) Wheatley of Winfield, Illinois, Jack (Karin) Wheatley, of Oslo, Norway; and sister, Carol Mattingly of Texas. She was preceded in death by her parents, Herb and Angela Wheatley, and her sisters, Dorothy and Judy (Thomas) Donahue. Visitation will be from 4-8 p.m. Wednesday, February 11, 2009, at Doan & Mills Funeral Home, 790 National Road West, Richmond. A Liturgy of Christian Burial will be held at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 710 North A St., Thursday, February 12, 2009, at 10 a.m. Burial will be in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery. Memorials may be made to St. Mary's Catholic Church, 240 South 6th St., Richmond, IN 47374, or Reid Hospital Foundation, 1100 Reid Parkway, Richmond, IN 47374, or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Indiana Chapter, 8440 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 201,Indianapolis, IN 46240.

4:00PM to 8:00PM on Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 at Doan & Mills Funeral Home
10:00AM at St. Mary Catholic Church on Thursday, February 12th, 2009
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
2310 State Road 227 S.
Richmond, IN 47374


10. EDNA MARGARET BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born October 22, 1904 in Tipton County, Indiana, and died May 16, 1936 in Tipton County, Indiana. She married JAMES WARD May 24, 1926 in St. John's Catholic Church, Tipton County, Indiana. Edna and Angela used to pose in bathing suits on the Mattingly farm, trying to keep the farm animals out of sight so they could send "beach pictures" to their family in Arizona. Edna would be talking away, telling stories, when her sisters worked. She used to work at Fletcher bank in Indianapolis, taking the streetcar home. Angela and Herb Wheatley arranged a blind date for her with James WARD (see the history on this website), who seemed more Angela's type than Edna's, for he was no "swinger." But they hit it off right away and were married even before Herb and Angela, on 4 May 1926 in St. John's Catholic Church in Tipton, Indiana. They moved to Gary, Indiana, where Jim worked in the steel mill. Edna contracted scarlet fever just after attending the funeral for Isabelle Brady Mattingly--family legend insists she got it on the train ride there and back. It led to rheumatic fever, and the weakened heart killed her.

Children of EDNA BRADY and JAMES WARD are:
19.....i.....RITA LOUISE WARD, b. September 12, 1926.
20.....ii.....MARY JANE WARD, b. November 05, 1928.

11. HAROLD DANIEL BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born February 05, 1907 in Tipton County, Indiana, and died March 25, 1978 in Bradenton, Florida. He married EUNICE M. METTLEN or METTLER on 03 Jun 1929 (Angela Brady said Mettler but the 1923 Tipton High yearbook says Mettlin and Tipton County census records say METTLEN, daughter of Samuel G. Mettlen.) They share a tombstone in Row 1, grave 2 of Saint John's Cemetery, Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, USA

Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Michigan City, LaPorte, Indiana; Roll: T627_1069; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 46-27. Address: 1307 Wabash Street
Harold Brady...32...IN...proprietor, gasoline station
Eunice Brady...31...IN
Margene Brady...8...IN
Patricia Ann Brady...4...IN
Virginia K. Brady...1...IN

Name: Harold D Brady
Death Date: 25 Mar 1978
County of Death: Manatee
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 71
Race: White
Birth Date: 5 Feb 1907

Name: Eunice M Brady
Death Date: 31 Jul 1991
County of Death: Manatee
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 83
Race: White
Birth Date: 3 Feb 1908

12. JOSEPH PATRICK BRADY (BERNARD, BERNARD) was born March 17, 1913 in Tipton County, Indiana, and died May 28, 1986 in Muncie, Indiana. He married LOIS MARGARET FRANTZ. Joseph P. Brady was a Mason. Lois had a tracheotomy due to some severe nerve issues causing a loss of breath due to swelling.

Joseph' s death certificate says he was owner and realtor of a realty company and living at 106 N. McKinley, Apt. D, when he died at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, of renal failure (three years duration), congestive heart failure, and staphyloccal pneumonia. His doctor was Philip Ball. Burial was in Gardens of Memory in Muncie.

The Star Press - (Jun/9/2005)
…..MUNCIE - Lois M. Brady, 91, died Wednesday morning June 1, 2005, at Westminster Health Care following a brief illness.
…..She was born February 18, 1914, in Pleasant Hill, Ohio, the daughter of Hubert and Minnie Mae Honeyman Frantz. She graduated from Troy High School in 1932 in Troy, Ohio, moved to Alexandria in the late 1930's, and then to Muncie in 1960.
…..Mrs. Brady worked with her husband, Joseph P. Brady in the office of Joseph P. Brady Real Estate and Insurance for several years prior to their retirement. She had previously owned a beauty shop in Alexandria until 1945.
…..Mrs. Brady was a member of Hazelwood Christian Church, Eastern Star, and Delaware Country Club.
…..Surviving are two sons, J. Patrick Brady (wife-Carolyn), Warsaw and Tom Brady, Phoenix, Arizona; four grandchildren, Lisa Summer (husband-Richard), Tucson, Arizona, Jacqueline McRoberts (Tom), Round Rock, Texas, Steven Brady, Rensselaer, and Richard Brady, Warsaw; five great grandchildren, Wesley and Bailey Summer, and Tommy, Jake, and Courtney McRoberts. …..She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; two brothers; and three sisters.
…..Services will be held in The Meeks Mortuary and Crematory Chapel at 11:30 a.m. on Monday with Dr. David Cartwright officiating.
…..Entombment will follow in Gardens of Memory Mausoleum.

13. ALICE BRADY (WILLIAM H., BERNARD) was born April 16, 1909 in Tipton County, Indiana and died October 20, 1989 in Portland, Clackamas, Oregon. She married DANIEL EDWARD RYAN in St Louis, Missouri, on 23 June 1951, who was born Aug. 22, 1895 and died May 6, 1957. Both were buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana.

TIPTON TRIBUNE, Monday, Oct. 23, 1989 .....Alice Ryan, 80, Rt. 4, Tipton, died Friday, Oct. 20, 1989, in Portland, Ore.
.....She was born April 16, 1909, in Tipton County, the daughter of William H. and Millie (Ertel) Brady. She was married in 1948 to Daniel Edward Ryan, who died May 6, 1957. .....A retired teacher, she was a 1931 graduate of Indiana University, a former teacher--at the St. Joseph Academy, a former employee for the welfare department at the federal, state, and local levels; a co-member of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the first president of the American Association of University Women, a former Girl Scout leader, and a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Theta Phi Alpha Sorority, and the Tipton County Symphony Society.
.....Surviving are two children, Elizabeth Wolf of Portland, Ore., and Danielle O'Reilly of Naperville, Ill.; a sister, Helen Stnons of Arlington, Va.; four grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.
.....Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the church, with the Rev. Duane Craycraft, the Rev. Fred Gschwind, and the Rev. John Cummings officiating. Burial will be at S. John's Catholic Cemetery, and friends may call at the Young-Nichols Funeral Home from 3 until 9 p.m. Tuesday. A Rosary will be said at the funeral home at 8 p.m. Tuesday, and memorials may be made to the Alice Ryan Library Fund at St. John the Baptist School.

obituary for Dan Ryan, from
.....Daniel Edward Ryan, route 4, succumbed at 3:15 p.m. Monday on the farm where he was born. He had suffered a heart attack while working in the barn. Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Thursday at St. John's Catholic church and burial will be in St. John's cemetery. Officiating will be Rev. Jerome Walski. Friends may call at Young's Funeral home, where the body will lie in state, after 7 p.m. Tonight Rosary services will be conducted at 8 p.m. Wednesday.
.....The farmer was born Aug. 22, 1895 to James Timothy and Mary (Gleason) Ryan. His marriage to Alice Brady occurred June 23 1951 at St. Louis, Mo. A graduate of Tipton high school, he was a member of St. John's church, Holy Name society, Knights of Columbus and a past exalted ruler of the Elks lodge.
.....Surviving with the widow are two daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Mary Daniele, a sister, Miss Loretta C. Ryan, of Indianapolis. Three sisters, Mrs. Lloyd Cox, Mrs. William Hayes, Mrs. Edward Cummings, and a brother, William Gleason Ryan, are deceased.

14. HELEN BRADY (WILLIAM H., BERNARD) was born 9 November 1912 and died 24 Feb 2008 in Arlington, Arlington, Virginia. She married EDWARD F. STNONS, who was born about 1909 and died in January 1951, possibly in Vigo County, Indiana. His obituary is on page 12 of the Tribune in Vigo County for January 7, 1951. He's buried in section 2 of the Calvary Cemetery, Terra Haute, Vigo, Indiana. There's room for his wife on the tombstone, but nothing entered.A Federal Government retiree, she lived in the Washington Metropolitan area since 1938, and was preceded in death by her husband, Edward. Survivors include son and daughter-in-law, John & Patricia; granddaughters, Jenifer & Katherine; grandson and his wife, Matthew & Lisa; nieces, Elizabeth Ryan Wolf of Oregon and Danielle Ryan O'Reilly of Indiana. Interment followed Mass of Christian Burial conducted at the Chapel at Goodwin House, Alexandria, VA, Friday, February 29, 2008.

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