By clicking on any of the titles below, I (no, not me, silly--you, the reader) am declaring that I am legally of age to read NC-17 stories involving violence, nonconsensual sexual activity, sadism, and other adult themes.

Of course, that means I won't complain when the stories turn out to be violent and cruel and stuffed with nasty sex, because a) I'm an adult, and supposedly mature and b) I just declared I was legally allowed to inflict such stories on myself.

PS: Please link to these stories through this page, so you are reminded of the disclaimer from time to time.

In "House Guest", Giles is kidnapped and tormented by vampires. Can Buffy and the Scooby Gang find him? Will Spike save him? Who is torturing him, and why?


In an R-rated story, learn from Al Calvacci's near-rape about "The Dangers of Fidelity" that the Boy Scouts never warned him about. . . . Part One

What happens when Sam Beckett meets Sam Beckett, and a relative of Al appears? Find out in an R-rated story. A GHOST OF A CHANCE

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