Here you'll find fan fiction about TV shows (QUANTUM LEAP, INCREDIBLE HULK, FRIDAY THE 13TH, MAGNUM P.I., RIPTIDE, GHOSTBUSTERS, and many others), often crossed universes, that will have you howling
--one hopes from terror or hilarity, but the possibility of sheer disgust on your part cannot be denied, however much I'd like to.

You'll learn why the Professor never got them off GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, what new Becketts or Calaviccis are popping up for QUANTUM LEAPs, and what could have happened to Blair Sandburg when he "drowned" in the episode called "Sentinel Too."

Of course, no money is being made from these stories, and all due credit should be given to creators such as Donald Bellisario, Pet Fly Productions, Sherwood Schwartz, and a plethora of television writers. The characters and universes have only been borrowed for a little while and will be returned basically unharmed, even without a ransom.

Are you brave enough to begin?

Combine the Misfits of Science with The Bionic Woman and the Cold War, and you get a tale of kidnapped scientists and amateur magicians called NOW YOU SEE THEM.....

Ever wonder what Admiral Calavicci of Quantum Leap would think of the Skipper and Gilligan? Visit QUANTUM ISLAND to find out.

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Exactly what does go on at Stallion's Gate, New Mexico BETWEEN LEAPS?

When he Leaps into a lost Seeing Eye dog, Sam Beckett finds himself BLINDED BY THE LEAP and misses something right under his not-inconsiderable nose.

A TASTE OF HONEY can't sweeten the situation when terrorists invade the Project, Al gets shot, Col. Paul Ironhorse comes to the rescue in a cameo, and Sam Leaps into an explosive situation. Rated at least PG-13 for language and violence.

Chapter 1.....Chapters 2/3.....Chapter 4.....Chapter 5.....Chapters 6/7.....Chapters 8/9.....Chapters 10/11.....Chapters 12/13.....Chapter 14.....Chapters 15/16.....Chapters 17/18.....Chapter 19

The evil Leapers have targeted ten-year-old Samuel Beckett, and Al, Leaping to the rescue, has amnesia in A BOY'S BEST FRIEND IS HIS HOLOGRAM. Rated PG-13. Chapter One..... Chapter Two..... Chapter Three..... Chapter Four..... Chapter Five..... Chapter Six..... Chapter Seven..... Chapter Eight..... Chapter Nine...... Chapter Ten..... Chapter Eleven.....

When Quantum Leap crosses with Friday the 13th, can blood loss be far behind? Read QUANTUM THE 13th and see! Quantum Leap the Thirteenth .....

In the sequel to "QUANTUM THE 13TH," Sam tangles with Riptide and The Real Ghostbusters when Al's holographic form is sucked into a ghostly dimension. Quantum Busters

In the sequel to "Quantum Busters," Sam Beckett gets some Northern Exposure and experiences an ostrich stampede first-hand in QUANTUM EXPOSURE.

Sam Beckett leaps into Dr. David Banner, putting a new twist on the origin of The Incredible Hulk in QUANTUM HULK.
Part 1..... Part 2 ....Part 3 ....Part 4

While Donna and the crew struggle with a political fact-finding investigation, Sam finds himself in Viet Nam with a familiar room-mate.
QL:P.O.W. 1-2..... QL:P.O.W. 3..... QL:P.O.W. 4-5...... QL:P.O.W. 6-7..... QL:P.O.W. 8-9..... QL:P.O.W. 10-11..... QL:P.O.W. 12-13..... QL:P.O.W. 14-16..... QL:P.O.W. 17-18..... QL:P.O.W. 19..... QL:P.O.W. 20-21

Check out the slightly more adult story page below for two more QUANTUM LEAP stories, rated R but not actually steaming.

Read Giles-centric stories, as well as recommendations for superb Giles-centric stories from other authors, here. Or visit the "adult" listing at the bottom of this page for an NC-17 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE story.

When fever sweeps the underground world of Beauty & the Beast, so does a green hulking "monster," and the characters from Friday the 13th must deal with more than one kind of CURSES.

When Kolchak: The Night-Stalker meets The Incredible Hulk, you get THE INCREDIBLE NIGHT STALKER...with a cameo from a Dark Shadows character, to boot.

When the Incredible Hulk appears at Whitney High, will investigative reporter Jack McGee be more interested in The Greatest American Hero than in trapping the Hulk? Find out in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HULK, or, the Mean Green Scenario.

When another party goes bad at Robin's Nest, there's a big green gatecrasher known as The Incredible Hulk caught with Magnum P.I. in a tale of DUELING EGOS.

In a border village, a 'witch' offers to cure David Banner, while Jack McGee witnesses a murder and must run for his life; both must deal with BORDER SHADOWS.

Thomas Magnum of Magnum P.I. brings his mother to Robin's Nest for a vacation and bangs straight into an unexpected plot twist during a SECOND MEETING.

When the Riptide Investigative Agency checks the security at Robin's Nest, a twelve million dollar painting is stolen. THUFFERIN' THUCCOTASH! Can Magnum P.I. find the real thief?


Marella seeks help from Rudy Wells when Moffett blows up the Lady in an AU cross of Airwolf, Bionic Woman, and Six Million Dollar Man called THE BIONIC WOLF AFFAIR.

When they take a FANTASTIC JOURNEY into the Bermuda Triangle zone, they find a serial killer and one of the time-travelers is framed for murder. (This was a very short-lived SF series starring Roddy McDowall and Jared Martin.)

When a mismatched corpse and head turn up on Quincy's houseboat during a coroners' convention, the guys from Riptide try to solve the mystery (with a recurring character from Simon & Simon showing up, too) in RIPTIDE, M.E..

In an alternate universe sequel to "Sentinel Too," full of angst, learn the truth about Blair Sandburg's "death" on The Sentinel.

DROWNING part one.....DROWNING part two.....DROWNING part three


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