Have you paid attention to Ms. Nitpicker? Below are still more errors culled from television fan fiction samples taken from the Internet. Ponder them well. Print a copy and mark the corrections--use red ink, so you will get the sense of power a true English teacher can achieve. At the end, you'll be given the chance to flip to Ms. Nitpicker's smart-alec explanations.

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  1. "It's the principal of the thing, Sandburg," lectured Jim unwilling to let go of his prisoner. (2 pts.)

  2. Karen your great with kids. (2 pts.)

  3. All the rage, all the fight, all the trauma, pain and anguish Landers had caused him came out suddenly as Blair began to wail on him mercilessly. (2 pt.)

  4. "What in hell do you think you two are doing?" He asked exasperated. (2 pt.)

  5. Turning on his search lights, the raft appeared with the prone figure of his friend lying inside it.(2 pts.)

  6. The demon-woman merely grunted as she tried to pull out of his vice-like hold. (1 pt.)

  7. "You have to fight Blair." (1 pt.)

  8. "Well he's been threw a lot." (2 pts.)

  9. "Everyone effects everyone's lives, Tom, is that so bad?" (1 pt.)

  10. A nurse in a hospital tells our heroes:
    There's a cot in the doctor's lounge. (1 pt.)

  11. Connor looked at her confused.(1 pt.)

  12. This time, there was no getting passed the pain. (1 pt.)

  13. Hearne still sat in his truck and their was no movement.(1 pt.)

  14. Laughing, Bendrick released him and stood up turning away. Furious, Iolaus twisted around and gave Bendrick a hard kick to the back of the knees that sent him sprawling. Shouting, the others charged Iolaus, kicking at him. (1 pt.)

  15. "Stay where you are." Blair was amazed at the calm in his voice, inside he felt like jello. (2 pts.)

  16. With tears rolling down his face, Jim began to shout. "Damn it, Sandburg, breath, damn you, breath!" (1 pt.)

  17. Her eyes were burning in his, sharp as knives. (1 pt.)

  18. With great relief, the doctor said that she only needed a few stitches and then it would heal on it's own. (2 pts.)

  19. She got herself a date with him, knocked him out and trussed him up in the basement, started pretending to be him, and proceeded to totally whig me out. (1 pt.)

  20. Don't whimper and mule like a mangy human. (1 pt.)

  21. Anders, or whoever was running this case, had asked for he and Sandburg specifically. (2 pts.)

  22. "Get up!" The sound of a muffled voice said in an accent that he couldn't quite place. (2 pts.)

  23. A sudden thought flashed across his mind and he wheeled the truck around causing several on-coming cars to skid to a stop to try and avoid hitting him. Two of the cars swiped each other and went spinning off the road. One of the surprised cars was Landers. (3 pts.)

  24. It was now or never if he and Blair was to live. (1 pt.)

  25. "I could handle that," he said with a smile, trying to diffuse the tension.(1 pt.)

  26. A story is titled:
    The Cross We Bare (1 pt.)
  27. They sat in companionable silence as the sun rose over the horizon and shown brightly through the window. (1 pt.)

  28. //Oh God, he's shooting up my car!/ Jenna remained thankfully quiet throughout, even though Blair felt like screaming like a madman and running wildly through the trees. (1 pt.)

  29. The Scot knew that they'd deliberately left he and his returned prodigal son to talk, but the mountain was becoming steeper even as he considered scaling it. (1 pt.)

  30. I need to get him to a hospital asap! (2 pt.)

  31. His face was sad, and he had a deep look of unhappiness. (1 pt.)

  32. The third man stood by watching, his eyes shown with a sick combination of anger and arousal. (2 pts.)

  33. As the ambulance pulled away, blasting a warning of its coming, Banks gazed at the thorn-encrusted shaft and shuttered. (1 pt.)

  34. Checking his watch close to fifteen minutes had passed since leaving the truck. (1 pt.)

  35. The hound on his leash let out a howl that broke the night air and sent chills dancing down the large manís spine.*Damn.He loved the thrill of the hunt*." (1 pt.)

  36. The students in his section of Anthro 101 class had talked about the fact that Sandburg was a Guide at length.(1 pt)

  37. He also heard Duncan's and Joe's words, too (1 pt.)

  38. Jonathan: That's my queue to leave. (1 pt.)


He was an absentee CEO of a company, which manufactured prosthetic devices, called Protec. <1 pt.>

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