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1. DAVID BEARD was born Abt. 1750 in Pennsylvania. He married ELEANOR ?.

Notes for DAVID BEARD:
David and his wife Eleanor execute deeds in Mason County, Kentucky Deed Book K, page 328, June 1 1808, according to Ula Fowler's KENTUCKY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS (1941).

In Mason County KY Order Book E, page 116, "Feb. 1804 Charles Larsh appointed overseer of a road from Waugh's Ferry to the crossing of Cabin Creek near the said Larsh's and to have the following hands to work under him...David Beard...."

Marson Co. Deed Book J, page 422, on 21 Ap. 1807 says "David Beard of Mason Co. and Robert Edwards ditto, sale of mare and colt for $80.00."

He had daughters Sarah Beard who married James Staggs, and Eleanor Beard who married Samuel Waddell. He is listed as father when his daughters' marriage bonds are applied for in Fleming Co., Kentucky.
Sarah Beard 1850 Census lists her place of birth as PA. Land deeds listed David Beard buying land in Fleming Co. Ky. 4/25/1797, and lists his residence as PA.

Deed Book K, page 253, 5 May 1808, David Beard witnessed a deed.
On page 328, David and Eleanor sold 114 acres for $200 land conveyed to him by John Wheatly.

KENTUCKY MARRIAGES EARLY TO 1800 has Elizabeth Beard marrying John Galliger 10 April 1798 Mason Co. KY and an Elianor Beard marrying Samuel Waddel 7 May 1794 Fleming Co.

Mason Co. Deed Book M, 255, 6 January 1812 has a Zebulon Beard and Rachel his wife sell 61 acres. Clerk Thomas Marshall gets relinquishment of dowry rights from Rachel Beard.

Mason Co. Deed Book 0, page 279, 27 February 1815 Pleasant H. Beard and Mary his wife of Washington, Mason Co. for $150 sold land on Main St. there.

Lewis Co., Kentucky: William L. Beard married Elizabeth Cardal, daughter of Jane, on 1-8-1846

There was a David Baird born 4 Mar 1760 in Monmouth Co., NJ and died 20 Feb 1837 in Vermilion Co., IL who married an Eleanor Barkalow b: 19 Apr 1766 in Monmouth Co., NJ. His father was a Zebulon Baird and his mother an Anna Smith. (See Zebulon Beard above!) He did have a daughter named Sarah Baird who married in Mason Co. KY 8 APR 1822 , but she married John Kendall Weisigerb and had a child by him in 1809.
BUT there was a Zebulon Baird born to William and Eliza Baird in Monmouth Co. NJ on 19 Feb 1762 who died in Dunstable, Clinton Co. PA (note that Sarah Beard said she was born in PA) in 1847. His kids, born too late to be ours, included a David and a Zebulon. It all sounds tantalizingly close, but never quite gets there....

http://users.legacyfamilytree.com/NorthernEurope/f79.htm#f2761 appears to have our David, born ca. 1762 "Kentucky" which appears unlikely since he was married in Allentown, New Jersey to Eleanor Barkalow, born abt. 1766 in Allentown to Arthur Barkalow (born about 1740) and wife Sarah Polhemus (died about 1797). No parentage is given for David, but it appears to cement our belief in a New Jersey connection, eh? This page also has a Zebulon Baird born 12 Jul 1773 in Marlboro, Monmouth County, New Jersey, died 29 Nov 1848 Franklin, Warren County, Ohio, who has a wife named Rachel Barclay, presumably the couple who appear in Mason County's deed book. Interestingly, there were Barkalows in Mason County--I found a Sarah Barkalow born 6 May 1803, Mason, KY whose husband William Ely was born 1799, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ. I think we're on the right track here!

However, http://burklowfamily.com/bartlow/BarkPed2.html has: Eleanor Barkalow(1766-1837), b. Monmouth Co.,NJ. - d. Indianola, Vermilion Co.,IN. m. David Baird(1760-1837) 5.01 Arthur Baird(1788-1851) m. Unity Brown 5.02 Sarah Baird(1790-p1810) m. John Meninger 5.03 Ann Baird(1794-p1820) m. Joseph Stayton 5.04 Mary Baird(1796-p1810) m. Isaac Burroughs 5.05 David Baird(1797-1838) m. 5.06 William Baird(1798-1864) m. Margaret Donovan 5.07 Joseph Baird(1801-1869) m. Lydia Mendenhall 5.08 Tobias Baird(1802-p1850) m. Sarah Perkins 5.09 Zebulon Baird(1803-p1850) m. Mary Ann McDow 5.10 (male) Baird(1806-p1840) According to this, Eleanor Barkalow and David Baird appear NOT to be the parents of our Sarah Beard. Sigh. Back to the drawing board (or genealogy pages....) The Long Family Tree at http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/10068164/person/11167821 has David born 1759 in Chongqing, Chongqing Shiqu, Chongqing, China, d. 1808 in Mason County, Kentucky!

Children of DAVID BEARD and ELEANOR ? are:
2......i......SARAH BEARD, b. February 27, 1779, Pennsylvania; d. May 05, 1855, Fleming County, Kentucky.
3......ii......ELIZABETH BEARD.
.....iii......WILLIAM BEARD. On 3 Dec 1804 David Beard of Fleming Co. and James Shanklin of Mason Co. Kentucky. Tr: David Beard places his son William Beard apprentice of David Starke for a period of five years. He is to be taught the art and trade of a Hatter. At end of term he is to be paid $30 and a suide of home made clothes. Clerk: Joshua Stockton.
.....iv......ELEANOR BEARD, m. SAMUEL WADDELL, May 07, 1794, Fleming County, Kentucky.


2. SARAH BEARD (DAVID) was born February 27, 1779 in Pennsylvania, and died May 05, 1855 in Fleming County, Kentucky. She married JAMES STAGGS, son of JAMES STAGGS. He was born October 09, 1774 in Maryland, and died October 28, 1850 in Fleming County, Kentucky. See the Staggs genealogy on this site for details.

3. ELIZABETH BEARD (DAVID) She married JOHN GALLEGHER April 19, 1798. Father David gave consent; marriage is recorded in Fleming Co. Book I but the bond is filed in Mason Co. box labelled "1798 bonds," according to Ula Fowler's book KENTUCKY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS (1941)

John's will (Book H, page 98) lists daughter Elizabeth Gallegher, Sarah Knight, Mary Dewey, grand-daughter Lucinda Jane Gallegher, grandson John Henry Gallegher. 2 August 1845; 24 November 1845



BAIRD, MARGARET S. ... SHACKLEFORD, JAMES M. ...1/14/1900 ...APR1832.
BAIRD, RUFUS... BUTON, SERELDA ...1/26/1900 ...MAY 1849
BEARD, ANN...STAYTON, JOSEPH...1/5/1900... APR 1817.
BEARD, ARTHUR ...BROWN, UNITY...1/30/1900...JUL 1825.
BEARD, SARAH...STAGGS, JAMES...1/20/1900...SEP 1797.
BEARD, WILLIAM...DONOVAN, MARGARET ...1/10/1900... FEB 1829.

11 Beard, Abraham ...Ausworth, Mary ...1812 Jan 9 6
15 Beard, D. W. ...Campbell, Polly...1829 Dec 24 22
19 Beard, William ...Brown, Patsy...1824 Jun 4 19
40 Beard, William L. ...Waggoner, Polly...1819 Nov 1 11

Subject: MARR: Stone, John & Beard, Mildred J., 5 Dec 1844 From: "Polly A. Menendez"
Mr. R. Lancaster,
Please issue license to solemnize the marriage of John Stone and my daughter Mildred J. Beard.
James M. Beard
Jas. P. Beard
John S. Clarke
Spencer County, Sct.
Clerk's office, Dec. 5, 1844
Proven before me to be the act and deed of James M. Beard by the oath of John s. Clarke a witness thereto.
Teste. Raphl. Lancaster, Clerk.
John Stone & Mildred J. Beard, 5th Dec. 1844/
State of Kentucky-County of Spencer.
I, Edgar E. Sullivan, Clerk of the Spencer County court, certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a writing on file in the marriage records of my office. Witness my hand this September 8, 1930.
Edgar E. Sullivan

Will of Andrew DUNCAN:
Sister's children:
Elizabeth BUCHANON's son Andrew
Mary CRAIG's son James
sister Jenny HAMILTON's son Andrew
sister Jean McKINNEY's daughter Jenny
sister Florene of Chlorene BROWNLEE's daughter Jenny
Executors John EDMUFTON, John MCKINNEY
March 25, 1784

1807 Lincoln County Will book C page 129
Will of John Craig
To: Wife Elizabeth plantation of 3000 acres, wife to maintain and educate the children
To: Son Charles- when he comes of age.provided he relinquish his part of the land left him by his grandfather and convey to his brothers David and James equaly.
Eldest Daughter: Sarah Craig- land in Madison county
Eldest Son: William Craig>BR> Other sons: John, James and David
Daughters Mary and Elizabeth
Executors: Capt Richard Gaines, Elizabeth Craig, and Son William
Written Aug 3, 1807
Probated Dec 14, 1807

Lincoln County Deed book K- Page 76
May 20 1820
John Craig the elder was entitled to 1000 acres of land by virtue of a treasury warrant lying in LincolnCo. on Hanging Fork. Said Craig devised 200 acres to his son-in-law Samuel Beard, and left his son John Craig, a legatee who has departed this life leaving William Craig, Sally Welch late Sally Craig, John Craig , David Craig, James Craig, Polly Craig, and Betsy Craig his children and heirs. The said survey interferes with one in the name of Samuel Craig now deceased. The heirs of John Craig and Samuel Beard and Samuel Craig for the purpose of settling their claims, mutually agree to sell so much of the aforesaid surveys as are interfered with by each other and to divide the purchase money. John Taylor of Lincoln Co. became the purchaser of 348 1/4 acres, for $4,572. Samuel Beard to receive $1313 heirs of John Craig the Younger - to wit - William Craig, Sally Welsh, John Craig and Polly his wife, David Craig and Judy his wife, Polly Craig and Betsey Craig to receive $973.16

Lincoln County will book C page 60
Will of John Craig
To: William Craig, son of John Craig my settlement where I now live containing 400 acres and 100 acres added off Craig's line joining Gastin's field.
To: Son John Craig, and Grandsons David, Charles , and James I give to his brother John 400 acres including Forks of Knobs Lick, and 300 acres to be divided David, James and Charles.
To: Son James Craig - his settlement and his brother William's which fell to him in KY and Cumberland
To: Son in law: Samuel Beard -200 acres of Samuel Craig's survey.
To: Daughters Sarah Beard & Mary Cowen
To: John Cowen
To: William Craig, son of James Craig
Written Jan 22, 1800
Probated Nov 8, 1802
Executors: Son, John Craig and Samuel Beard

John Michael Troutman b. 28 Oct 1738, Bayern, Germany, m. (1) ABT 1762, in Frederick Co., MD, Rebecca Beard, b. 25 Mar 1742, MD, (daughter of John Beard) d. 00-___-1782, Frederick, MD, buried: Frederick, MD, m. (2) 4 Jan 1784, in Frederick Co., MD, Elizabeth Schrader/Schroeder, b. 30 Oct 1758, Frederick Co., MD, d. 5 Dec 1821, Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., KY. John died 4 Apr 1814, Shepherdsville, Bullitt, Kentucky, USA.

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