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CLICK THE RED "X" TO TURN OFF THE AD LYING ABOUT YOUR COMPUTER BEING IN DANGER. IT ISN'T. Then click on "Leave this page" despite its objection. "Free" webpages will do anything to make money; I can't stop them.

I have been working on the family genealogy off and on for over 25 years, very much an amateur and simply having fun.

PLEASE, if you copy more than birth/death dates, POST A LINK TO THIS PAGE, with my name--Jane Leavell. Let me leave a legacy when I'm gone, okay? I see my paragraphs posted word-for-word, with no credit, and it hurts.

Contact littlecalamity at for details from my FamilyTreeMaker. My snail mail address is 247 Georgia Avenue, Elyria, OH 44035. You'll have more success getting a response from me by e-mail. I'm absent-minded, and I'm going to join the Procrastinators' Hall of Fame as soon as I get around to it. You're more likely to hear from me if you give specific details in your query--approximate years involved, county name, state name, and so on, remembering there are 88 counties in Ohio alone, so most other people don't know what state your county is in--and remember that it's only polite to freely share your data with me as I am sharing with you. If I haven't posted it, I probably need it.

And remember, these are just clues--NEVER take what's posted on home pages as gospel. (Especially on the tangled, confusing Leavell lines.) Do the research to verify what you've read!

Words of warning: