The Original Copy of the "History of the Leavell Family" from before the Revolutionary War up to 1915, written by my Great Grandfather John Wesley Leavell, Elwood, Indiana. Recopied with a few additions by Mrs. Bernetha (Leavell) Steinberger, Hagerstown, Indiana. I brought it up to 1968, but not in story form as he wrote.

As I have been requested to write a history of the Leavell family, I have been trying for several years to find something of their history, but I have not been able to find any records except what has been handed down from father to son. I am not able to trace their nationality, but from the way the name is spelled, it is supposed they are of French origin. The earliest account I have of them, is three brothers who lived in Culpepper Co., Va., about one hundred and fifty years ago. They were soldiers in the Rev. War and served throughout the entire war. Some years after the close of the war two brothers JOHN and James emigrated from Va. to Ky. with their families. They both had large families, at that time some of them being born before the Rev. War. They settled in the southern part of Ky., but the other brother seems to have moved to Pa. He had two sons, one of them being named Robert who came west and located in Ohio, and from there came to Rush Co., Ind. He then moved to Grant Co., Ind. where he died and about sixty years of age, his oldest son, named Edwin moved to Tipton Co., Ind. A few years after Edwin settled in Tipton Co., Ind. his father named Robert, and three other sons settled in Tipton Co., Ind. The sons were named: Edwin; John; Robert; and Henry. He only remained a short time and then moved to northern Michigan, where his descendants still live. Edwin, John, and Robert were all soldiers during the rebellion of 1861. Edwin died in the service, and John and Robert served four years or until the end of the war. John was the Captain of Company G "39" Indiana, and was promoted to Major of his regiment before the close of the war. He was a fearless soldier, it is said and he was never known to flinch from duty. He died about a year ago in the State of Washington at eighty years of age, where his family still reside. Robert H. died in Tipton Co., Indiana several years ago, leaving no family, as far as I know. Edwin's one son, George Frank Leavell, now living in Tipton County near Curtisville and is a thrifty farmer. I know nothing of the rest of Edwin's family. The other brother of Edwin Leavell named Robert Sr. emigrated from Pennsylvania to Fairmont, West Virginia in an early day where he lived and reared a family.

I visited his son's in 1904 and they all lived in Fairmont. They are now all deceased. There were four brothers, Jerry, Morgan, John Q., and William, and there were all Union Soldiers during the rebellion of 1861, their descendants still live in Fairmont, West Virginia.

James and John died in Kentucky. James' family were slave holders and they all remained in the south so far as I know. There were one of the sons of James who moved to Missouri and there I lost sight of him. John's family seems to have been opposed to slavery and they all came north in a very early day, three sons and one daughter having settled in Ohio, and two sons and two daughters came to Indiana. The three sons who settled in Ohio were, John, Taber, and Benjamin. John settled in Fayette County, Ohio, he became a large land owner and at the time of his death was the owner of one thousand acres, all in one body, and the writer of this history has visited his old home several times. His family are now all dead except one daughter, who lives in St. Louis, and is now 84 years old. She is a graduate of a Medical College of _____ Pennsylvania and she practiced medicine in town until she retired on account of old age. She with one of her nephews visited me at Elwood, Indiana a few years ago. She was never married.

There are two of John Leavell's grandsons, still living in Fayette Co., Ohio, both being large land owners and still retain a part of the old place, their names being John P. and Benjamin W. (Ward). John P. was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was Major of his regiment. Taber was killed by the Indians at Fort Defiance, Ohio during the War of 1812. I am of the opinion that he was single at the time of his death, as I have never heard of him having any family. Benjamin settled in Miami Co., Ohio, where he lived until his death. He was a merchant there in an early day in the town of Piqua. I know nothing of his descendants.

The sister that settled in Ohio I know nothing of. The two brothers that settled in Indiana were Ezekiel, and Robert. Ezekiel settled in Henry County about eight mile south-east of Newcastle. He held the office of Land Commissioner and was also the second Sheriff of that county from 1816-1818. I was told by an old man that knew him well that he was a faithful officer, never flinching from duty. Ezekiel and his wife were married and they were the parents of a large family. They were members of the Dunkard Church holding their membership with the Nettle Creek Church of the Brethern, which is located one mile west of Hagerstown, and they are buried near the church. They lived to an old age and I do know know whether I can trace all of their family history, but will do the best I can.

There were give sons and four daughters that I know of, the sons beings George W., James, William, Benjamin, and Ezekiel. [Briefly illegible for a couple words] in Henry County, and died in the town of Cadiz in the year of 1881, some of his descendants still live in Henry County. He had one son, Benjamin, that died in the Union Army during the rebellion of 1861 to 1865.

A Mary Ann Beeson, dau. of James and Sarah Smithe, married [illegible]. William Leavell also died in the army and left a large familyf of (?K) children and two of the daughters now live in Windfall, Indiana, they being Sarah Sanders and Alcy Plummer (m. George Plummer). One son, W.S. Leavell lives in West (?) and James B. Leavell lives in Texas. The rest are all dead unless it would be one daughter, and I do not know where she is.

Ezekiel and Benjamin moved to Iowa (Aponoose County) in the early settling of that State, and that is as far as I can trace them. James moved to Randolph County, Indiana in a very early day where he reared a large family. I know but very little of them, although I have met two of the sons and a daughter. One of the sons, Dick , as he was commonly called, served in the War of 1812 and belonged to the "26" Indiana Volunteers. He was twice elected clerk of Randolph County. He now lives in the west and I think in Seattle, Washington. Thomas J. lives in Winchester, Ind. and F.M. lives in Markle, Indiana. This is as far as I can trace this family.

As to the daughters of Ezekiel Leavell I know but very little, two of them married brothers by the name of Worl, Joseph and Wash Worl. Wash lived in Wayne County, Ind., and here he became a large land owner, and some of his sons still live in Wayne County. Martin, William and Elias are farmers and own a large part of the old home-stead, and one sister Amanda lives in the County. Some of them moved to Miami Co., Ind. Ezekiel had one daughter that moved to Oregon in an early day. The youngest daughter, Malinda, married David Hoover, and they became the owners of the old home-stead of Ezekiel Leavell in henry County, where they lived to a good age. This is all I know of Ezekiel's family. The two sisters that settled in Indiana, married men by the name of McKee. I do not know whether they were brothers or not. Millie, married John McKee. They were married in Ketucky and moving to Indiana, they settled on land about one mile south-west of Jacksonburg, Indiana , (Wayne County), where they lived until death, and they were buried on the farm. I visited and was [illegible] their nephews, about 60, [illegible] except their sons. They had four sons that I know of, one they called Arved, Taber W., Moses and Joseph. Moses and Arved settled in Henry County, Ind., where Arved became a large land owner and was the father of four children. Their names were; John, Joseph, James and Sarah, and they are all deceased except Joseph, who still retains a part of the old home-stead which is located about two mile north of Cadiz, Ind. I know nothing of Moses and Joseph's descendants.

Taber W. was elected recorder of Henry Co., Ind. in an early day and he owned a farm one mile north of Cadiz. When the State of Iowa was opened for settlement, he sold out his possessions and moved to that State and I know nothing of his descendants. The other sister, Sarah, was married three times, first to a man by the name of McKee, by whom she had three daughters. Jacob Oldacre married Lucinda, they moving to Tipton Co. about [illegible] near what is now Curtisville, Indiana. I think that [illegible] except two daughters, one that lives near Windfall, Ind. and another that lives in the State of Washington. Samuel Wharton of Wayne co., married the other two sisters, the first wife having died shortly after her marriage, Wharton then marrying the other sister, and they have one daughter now living in Greensfield, Ind. Her name is Sarah J. Hamm and she is now seventy six years of age. After the death of McKee, Sarah was married to a man by the name of Townsend and five children were born to them, they being: Samuel, William, Jonathan, Ruth, and Margaret.

Samuel Townsend married Annie Billison of Wayne County, Ind., and in 1844 they moved to Tipton Co. and settled on the south-west quarter of Sec. 19, Township 31, North, Range six east, which he had previously entered from the government, where they remained ten years, then moving to Wayne County. They later moved to Henry Co., and in 1864 they moved to Fulton Co. Ind. Where they bought a farm and resided until death. Their descendants still live in that County near Akron. Akron moved to Illinois over fifty years ago and `I know nothing of their families.

The sister Ruth married John H. Darker of Tipton, Ind., about six years ago. She died in Fulton Co. where she removed after the death of her husband. She had one son, James Darker, who is now living somewhere in Northern Indiana. The other sister, Margaret, married Johb Ginn of Henry Co., Ind.

They have two sons, Jonathan and Taber W., who lives in Fulton Co., one daughter that lives in Kansas, and some other children that I can not locate. Taber Ginn was a soldier during the rebellion of 1861-65. John Ginn married for his first wife a sister of Arve McKee and I think their children are all dead except Taber who lives in Fulton County, Indiana.

This now brings me to ROBERT LEAVELL, the grandfather of the writer of this sketch. He and his wife, Sarah, were married in Kentucky in 1798. In 1811 they moved to Wayne Co., Ind., where they took a claim. Within one year after their settlement, the second war with England, and Robert came a soldier. My grandmother often told me of her experiences with Indians. The Indians were hostile against the settlers and she was forced to take her children and flee to a For Salsbury, a short distance west of what is now Richmond, Indiana. They had brought the money with them from Kentucky to pay for the land when it came on the market. It had to be gold and silver, and what a time she had in hiding it to keep it from being stolen. After ROBERT came back from the war they went back to their claim as soon as peace was made with England, they bought the land and cleared a farm where they remained about twenty years. During their residence there Robert laid out and platted the town of Jacksonburgh. They afterwards sold their farm and bought another one about one mile north of Hagerstown, Ind., and there lived until the death of ROBERT, he dying in 1847. He was born in Virginia in the year 1776.

His widow remained on the farm a few years or until it was sold, then moved to Tipton Co., to a home that was built for her by her sons James and Benjamin. It was near the residence of Benjamin and he looked after her welfare until her death which occured in 1857 at the age of 77 years. Robert and Sarah are buried at the Olive Branch Cemetery which is located about three mile north of Hagerstown and their children placed a monument to their graves and it is still standing. They were the parents of a large family, their names being; Elizabeth, Carolina, Nancy, George, James, Benjamin, Ezekiel, Malinda, Nancy, and Sarah.

Elizabeth married John Scott of Wayne Co., Ind. and died young leaving one son, Joshua, and his father being a young man married a second time, he then moving to Cass Co., Ind. where he entered 400 acres of land upon which he resided until death. He reared a large family by hissecond wife and it was upon this farm that Joshua grew to manhood. I knew him well he often visited us during his life-time. John Scott was a preacher in the Christian Church, and Joshua and wife were members of the same church as they lived about seven mile north-east of Lo{illegible]. Joshua was an upright and just man and some of his family still live [illegible]. Caroline married Louis Jones of Wayne County and only lived a short time, leaving no family and is buried at Jacksonburgh.

Mary died young, and what my father told me she must have been about eighteen years of age. Gabriel died during childhood. James was born in Kentucky, near Lexington, in the year 1804. In the year 1824 he married Elizabeth Cooper of Wayne Co., Ind., where they remained until about the year 1840. He then removed to Tipton Co., Ind. entering from the government 120 acres of land lying two and one half mile north of the village of New Lancaster. There he remained until his death which occured in the fall of 1862, he being 58 years of age. He was the father of two sons, and seven daughters, one of the sons dying in infancy, and the other one, Robert, grew to manhood on hisfathers farm. In August 1862, when the President called for Volunteers to put down the rebellion, he volunteered in the 75th regiment where he served three years in the defense of his country. He was been dead several years and I know nothing of his family.

The daughters were named, Sarah, Rebecca, Margaret, Mary, Melissa, and Ann. They are now all deceased except Margaret, she living in Elwood, Indiana with her son Thomas and she is 84 years old. While young she married John Bright, who in 1862 joined the IoI "Indiana Volunteers" and died shortly afterward while in the service of his country, leaving Margaret with four small children, their names being, Melissa, Myra, Thomas, and james. James was killed by a horse when he was about grown. The others all live in Elwood, Ind. Sarah was married three times but left no heirs. Mary died while yet a young woman and Rebecca married B.J. Marshall of Curtisville, Ind., they having two children Oliver and Francis. Melissa married William Hanshew and I know nothing of her family. Jane married James H. Decker of Tipton Co., Ind. and they have one daughter, Clara, who is still living. She married a man by the name of Lewis and they live in West Elwood. Ann married a man by the name of Gray and I know nothing of her family.

Ezekiel Leavell was born in Kentucky in the year 1808 (there are different dates on this birth, I know not which is right. Bernetha Steinberger) and came with his parents to Indiana, but at the age of 14 years he went to live with Richard Leason of Wayne Co., Ind. There he learned the tanner's trade which he followed for a number of years, he sinking a tan yard at his father's farm about two mile north of Hagerstown. He was twice married, his first wife being Sarah Ann Dales a native of Wayne Co. , they being the parents of six children, Margaret S., John H., Lorinda Jane, Benjamin P., Thomas J., and William H. Margaret married Miles Keever of Wayne County and she died in 1864 leaving two small boys. John H. served three years in the 36th Indiana Volunteers in the defense of his country and is now living in Wayne County.

He has been married twice, his first wife being Lottie Waltz of Wayne Co., Ind., They had four children, three daughters and one son, their names being Ora, Sarah Elizabeth, William Frank, and Gertrude. Ora is married and lives in California. Sarah Elisazbeth married Wm. P. Hoover of [illegible] died after Opal (Hoover) Hoel her daughter. The late Mrs. Carl [illegible] a correction here. She was married to Carl Hoel, after the death of [illegible], who died a short time after their baby daughter Margaret was born. Opal was born in 1902 and died in 1912. Margaret was born June 4, 1912 and died Nov. 21, 1918. Jesse the son was born 1897, and died in 1918 in the service to his country. He was married to Gladys Pritchard.
William F. Leavell was a farmer and lived two mile north of Hagerstown, a short distance from the ROBERT LEAVELL HOMESTEAD,he being my grandfather (Bernetha Steinberger).This farm also was known as the Adam Rowe farm. This is where Robert Leavell and his wife Sarah Leavell lived, he dying there in 1847. Sarah went back to Tipton later, and died there in the year of 1857. They are both buried at the Olive [illegible] is located about three mile north of Hagerstown, Indiana.

Wm. F. Leavell had one son named George. Gertrude is married to a man by the name of Ed Hunt, and lives in Hagerstown. John Henry Leavell's first wife died about twenty five years ago and he now has his second wife, they have never had any children. Lorinda Jane married David Zook, is now deceased, and her family live in Kansas. Benajmin P. died while in service for his country during the rebellion. Thomas J. married Ella Keever of Wayne Co., and only lived six months after his marriage and leaving one daughter, Daisy who taught school in the public schools of Wayne County, her home is in Hagerstown, Ind. Wm. M. Leavell the youngest of the children of Ezekiel and Sarah Ann Leavell lives three mile north-west of Hagerstown and is about 63 years of age. He married a daughter of Peter Deardorff and they have no living children. They lost one son, Perry, when he was about grown. After the death of his first wife, Ezekiel married Phoebe Tout, widow with three children by her first marriage, her [illegible] Spencer. Ezekiel Clay had four children by the last marriage they being, Frances who married Isaac Lewis, they owning a farm in Henry Co., Ind., one son dying in infancy, Darry who lives in Missouri and Loren L. the youngest who lives in Henry Co. on a farm near Middletown. He is married and has one living daughter and one deceased. Loren L. was born in Tipton Co. in the year 1863.

Ezekiel, his father died in Tipton Co. on his brother Behamin's farm in the year 1864. Malinda Leavell married Carter T. Jackson of [illegible] in 1838, they then moving to Tipton Co. where he had previously entered 240 acres of land and there they cleared their farm and reared a large family. He afterward added three hundred acres of land to his first purchase but they resided upon their original purchase until their death, the wife dying at the age of 58 years and Carter T. was 90 years at the time of his death. Their children were, Monroe, deceased, Lafayette, a farmer of Tipton Co., Ind., Louisa, she marrying W.P.Gates of Tipton Co. and was the mother of four children, they being; Ida, Torrence, Mary, and Louisa. They are all married and have families. Louisa died while her children were young.

F.H. Jackson is a farmer [illegible] being Jane Dellinger. He was a soldier during the Civil War. Melvina married George Myrely of New Lancaster and they are now both deceased and their children are living in Elwood, Indiana. Thomas J. lives in Tipton Co. and Andrey lives in Anderson, Ind. Torrence and Teppy live in Elwood, Torrence a batchlor and Teppy being a widow her husband dying several year ago.
Nancy Leavell married Dora Mathes of Marion Co. and she died leaving no family. Sarah Leavell married Newton J. Jackson, a brother of Carter T. & they also moved to Tipton Co. in the year 1838, to land that they had previously bought from the government and located in New Lancaster.

Newton J. and wife resided on this farm until the year 1844 when he was elected to the office of county clerk of Tipton Co., and upon the location of the town of Tipton they moved there. In about the year 1851 his wife died, leaving two children, Lavina and Francis M., both of themnow deceased leaving no children except a son of Francis Marion [illegible] resident of Howard Co., Ind. [illegible] "39" Indiana Regiment during the entire war, under Captain John Leavell. He later lost his life by a train while ar esident of Missouri, some forty years ago. This finishes the families of Robert and Sarah Leavell.

BENJAMIN LEAVELL was born in Kentucky Nov. 6, 1806 and came with his parents to Wayne Co., Ind. in the year of 1811 when he was bur five years of age. There he grew to manhood on his fathers farm, and at the age of 34 years he was married to Fanny Thornburgh of Wayne Co., Ind., her parents being Wm., and Martha Thornburgh, they being early settlers of that country, having settled on a claim two and one half miles north of Hagerstown in the year 1816 and which they afterward purchased from the government. They were natives of East Tennessee. Fanny Thornburgh, the mother of the writer, was born November 8, 1821. Benjamin Leavell was married in December 1840 and in the latter part of January 1841 they moved to Tipton Co., landing there on the 27th day of the month. He had previously bought 160 acres of land and had erected the usual log buildings of that day. The part of Tipton County was then a part of Hamilton Co., Tipton Co. not being organized until the year of 1844. Thelegal description of their land being: The South-east Quarter of Section Nineteen, Township Twenty One North, Range Six East. When he purchased the land three years before they moved he deadened 80 acres, which was heavily timbered, and it was now ready to clear. They soon had a good farm cleared and in 1847 he built a large barn, all of hewed logs 60 feet long, there being no saw mills close and timber was no object. In 1852 he built a brick house at a cost of $1000.00 and which was a very fine home for that day. Benjamin was noted for neatness as a farmer, he not permitting and burrs or obnoxious weeds of any kind to go to seed on his land. His pride in stock raising was well known and he was particularly fond of well bred horses and I have known him to go twenty mile in order to find a sire that suited him. He was never a strong man, and he died Oct. 29, 1868 at the age of 62 years, the wife dying at the age of [illegible] years. They are buried in the Fairview Cemetery at Tipton and have a monument at their graves. Benjamin was an honorable man in all his dealings and he was always liberal towards the needy. He was a staunch Republican in Politics as are nearly all of the Leavell's.

Benjamin and Fannie Leavell were the parents of seven children, they being; John Wesley, Martha R. Losada Jane, Nancy V., Sarah B., Mary E., and Joephine. John Wesley Leavell was born Feb. 11, 1842 and at the age of twenty years he was united in marriage to Molcy Beeson, the daughter of James and Sarah Beeson. Molcy was born May 8, 1842, her parents being natives of North Carolina, and they came with their parents to Wayne Co. in 1808 where they were married. In about the year 1820 they moved to Madison Co. where the town of Frankton now is located, he having previously entered 80 acres of land upon which they settled. The Indians at that time but for the most part they were peaceful. He trusted in his rifle for his supply of meat from the woods of which there was plenty at that time. They remained on the first purchase four years when they cleared out and entered 200 acres on the west line of Madison Co. and it was on this farm he lost a leg which disabled him from farm work and he sold the farm and became a merchant in Perkinsville for several years with a partner named Thomas Beckwith. In 1851 he removed to the village of New Lancaster where he remained until death in July 1861 at the age of 70 years. His widow then married John Martin and they resided in New Lancaster until Martin's death in 1873. The mother then lived with John Wesley and Molcy Leavell for several years, she dying at the age of 89 years and some months. They are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery which is located in the south-east corner of Tipton Co., there being a monument at their graves. They were the parents of twelve children, Molcy being the youngest.

When John Wesley Leavell and wife went to housekeeping, they lived on his father's farm and worked for him two years and the third year he farmed for himself. In January 1865 he formed a partnership with W.F.Gates in the tanning business, which business he followed until 1868, then selling the business and buying 80 acres of land from his father, it being covered with timber out of which he built log buildings for his home. In the fall of 1872 he sold this farm and bought a tan-yard in the town of Tipton. He then moved to Tipton where he remained in the tanning business until the spring of 1877, he then buying 80 acres of wet land and 60 acres and following farming until the fall of 1882 when he was elected Sheriff of Tipton Co. He served one term and declined a second nomination. Tipton Co. was then about 400 Democratic but he received a majority for the head of the Democratic party, but this same precinct gave John Wesley a majority of thirty over his opponent which he always felt proud of.

John Wesley and Molcy were the parents of five children, namely, Madora B., William T., Benjamin F., Cora M., and Leonidas. Madora B. was born Dec. 5, 1862, and in her 18th year she married Z.H.Darrow [a lot of illegible; the next paragraph may be about Lola]

…about two years later or after the death of her husband and Olive went to live with her grand-father Thayer where she still resides. Howard is a practicing physician in Victor, Colorado.

William T. married Capitola Nance, daughter of T.N. and Lavicia Nance of Tipton, Indiana. They have two sons, namely, JOHN T. and Fred W. Wm. Is a farmer and now living in Wayne Co., Ind., owning a farm of 160 acres which they have made by their own efforts. This farm is located one and half mile north-west of Hagerstown, Ind., is well-improved with modern wings and is well stocked with a herd of Polled Angus cattle and other good stock. JOHN T. LEAVELL is a farmer and lives on a farm about two and one half mile north of Hagerstown, the farm belonging to his father.

John T. is married and have children, namely; Mary [illegible], Bernetha; Harold Leon; William Kermit; and Genevieve Capitola. Fred [illegible]…ent in a Dental College at Indianaplis, Indiana. John T. is in [illegible] ninth year, and Fred is twenty years of age.

Benjamin F. lives in Tipton, Indiana and is in business there. He has two farms, one of 176 acres, and one of 119 acres, both farms being located in Tipton Co. They have two daughters, Dora and Bernice. Dora married Charles Bates, he being associated with her father in business, they have two children, Margaret and Benjamin. Bernice is now 18 years of age and unmarried. Benjamin F. married Netti Navity she being a daughter of Thomas Navity. Cora M. died at the age of eight years of membranous croup.

Leonidas married Minnie H. Fouch, daughter of Bascom and Mary Founch of Tipton, Ind. They are the parents of four daughters, Mary Edith, Ruth, [illegible] M., and Geraldine P. Edith is now deceased, she dying July [illegible]. The other daughters are at home and in school. Leondias is in the [illegible] business in Tipton, he owning a good home and other real-estate located in various localities.

After the expiration of his time in the Sheriff's office, Jown Wesley Leavell moved to his farm of 130 acres located to mile east of [illegible] where he remained six or seven years, and in the meantime making good provements on it. He then traded this farm for 280 acres six miles south-west of Tipton where he remained for a few years, in the fore part of [illegible] he moved to Wayne Co., In., where he owned other land. There he resided on the farm until 1908 when he left it on account of the poor health of his wife, moving to Elwood where they bought a bood home. In September 1909 he lost his wife, she being 67 years of age, and she is buried in the Fairview Cemetery at Tipton, Ind. After the death of his companion he went back to Wayne Co., Ind., where he made his home with his son William T. for [illegible] years, when he was again married, he marrying Mary B. [illegible] near Elwood and was the daughter of Joseph Montgomery. John Wesley Leavell now lives in Elwood, Indiana.

Martha R. Leavell married John Q. Green of Tipton, they having two children, Benjamin B. and Maude. Benjamin is married and lives in West Elwood. Maude married r.B.Vernon of Tipton Co., then removed to Union Co., Ind. Where she died in 1908, her family still residing there so far as I know. John Q. Green died in 1806, Martha R. remaining a widow until 1873 when she was married to Jasper N. Wright of Tipton co., and to this union was born two children: Gilbert and Jesse, both being farmers and living in Tipton Co., Indiana. Martha R. is now deceased, she dying in Elwood in 1899 and is buried at Elwood.

Losada Jane Leavell married Clinton Hobbs of Tipton, Indiana and they are the parents of five living children besides some being now deceased. Those living are; Nellie; Thomas P.; Melvin W; Minnie, and Guy. Nellie married Alva Foster, they living in West Elwood where they own property. They have no property. Thomas B. is a railroad man and is [illegible] on the L.B.& W.R.R., is married and lives in Tipton where he owns [illegible] home. He married Margaret Ford of Hobbs, Ind. and [illegible] children, Mary; Howard, [illegible] Tipton where he has been in [illegible] several years, is married and has four children, namely; William S., Cynthia J., Melvin Jr.; and Sarah Frances.

Melvin married Francis H. Simpson of Danville, Indiana and owns a good farm in Adams Co. besides his other interests. Minnie married Jack Glick of Tipton Co., they residing on their own farm of 160 acres across near Curtisville, Ind., and are the parents of two children. Guy is a graduate of the Indiana Medical College and is now practicing medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is married and has one child a boy named Clinton.

Nancy V. Leavell married John P. Hobbs of Tipton Co. and they are the parents of six children besides some that are deceased. Those living are Nettie; Maude; Benjamin A.; Morton; Fred H.; and Chalmers. Nettie married Oscar Gilchrist and now lives in Oklahoma they having no family.

Maude married Charles Stewart of Elwood and they live on their farm five mile north of Elwood and it is well improved. Benjamin A. is married and lives on his fathers farm in Tipton Co. near New Lancaster, and they are the parents of five children. Morton is married, has two children and lives on a farm north of Elwood. Fred B. is also married, has one son and lives in Oklahoma. Chalmers is still at home and is book keeper in one of the principal banks of Elwood, Indiana.

John P. Hobbs was a soldier in the war of the rebellion and lost a limb in the battle of Chicamauga, Tenn. Clinton H. Hobbs was also a soldier in the same war. Sarah B. Leavell married Thomas V. Bates, being a soldier during the same war and is now deceased. They were the parents of severl children, all of them dying young except two daughters, Ora and Mabel. Ora married a man by the name of Thomas, they being the parents of two children and now libe in Marion, Ind. Mabel married William Walls and they live in Elwood where they own their own home. Josephine Leavell, the youngest of the family married W.S.Robinson of Randolph Co., Ind., they are living in Elwood, Indiana where they own their own home. They are the parents of two children, Frank and another son who died when a child. Frank is married and lives in Elwood. Mary H. Leavell married Lemuel [illegible] of Tipton Co., and they are the parents of a large family, but all are deceased except four, namely: Fannie; Oliver; Omer; and Mary. Fannie married Jacob Queer of Hamilton Co., and they have one daughter, Hazel, she being married, and all now live in Colorado (Denver). Olive married married l.L. Cook of Tipton Co., Ind. and they are the parents of two sons, Donald and Luton. Their home is in Elwood, Indiana and L.L. Cook is in the grain business. Omer Darrow lives on his fathers fatm near the village of New Lancaster, is married and has three children, two boys and one daughter. Lemuel Darrow now lives in Elwood, Indiana.

Dated march 9, 1916. Written by my Great Grandfather JOHN WESLEY LEAVELL.

There is an addition I wish to make to this history as I know the facts. (Mrs. Bernetha (Leavell) Steinberger.)
The grandaughter of Ezekiel Leavell, Gertrude (Leavell) Hunt married Edward Hunt of Hagerstown, Indiana. They had a family of four sons that I know of, being; Harry; John; Bryan; and Floyd. I cannot trace their families.
John Henry Leavell married Lottie Waltz his first wife, who died. He then married Mary _____ who died and they had no family. I remember her.
Ezekiel Leavell's first wife was Sarah Ann Bales. 2nd. Phoebe Tout.

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