Dammit, Jim, I'm a writer, not a doctor!

Whether you're from a strange galaxy--even this one--or from a Quantum Accelerator, you've come to the right place.

Here you'll find fan fiction about TV shows, often crossed universes; a rather persnickety guide to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and general good writing--with examples from on-line stories; links to aphorisms and wisecracks and to genealogy gathered by Little Calamity herself; and links to whatever I feel like putting up. It's my page, and I'll link if I want to.


Learn from Ms. Nitpicker herself HOW TO WRITE ALMOST READABLE FAN FICTION--especially fun if you enjoy being scolded mercilessly for your grammatical imperfections. See actual on-line fan fiction errors. Afterward, take a test and see whether you recognize a badly written sentence when you read one. (Ms. Nitpicker does hope you don't recognize one of your own there.) Now includes the CHEAT SHEET INDEX, with helpful details about TV shows for aspiring fan fiction writers, and a brief FAN FICTION GLOSSARY.

Enjoy aphorisms, proverbs, and quotations sorted by a number of interesting categories; you'll find things both witty and wise there.

Enjoy a collection of bawdy, sarcastic, sentimental, pessimistic, or silly poetry bound to make you laugh until you cry, or perhaps just cry.

Interested in genealogy? Snips about my Adkins, Beard, Goodwin, Leavell, Marshall, Osborne, Perkins, Sailors, Staggs, and Tyner relatives are found here.

Research the Irish ancestors of Burl Leavell's wife Rita Louise Ward.

Do you have an attitude (particularly after reading the rules for semi-legible fan fiction) and want me to just get lost?

Send copious praise to but remember that I am absent-minded, a terminal procrastinator, and prone to bursting into tears. Don't flame unless you want to be responsible for massive psychotherapy bills. On the other hand, feel free to offer constructive and helpful critique; I do love to improve my pages.,

For (among other things) stories about THE SENTINEL and advice from Holy Mother Grammatica, visit Susan William's Stories

For clever animated gifs, visit HTTP://www.bellsnwhistles.com

Find Your Star Wars Twin

Visit FANFICTION.NET for a ton of links to fan fiction. Lots of it stinks. Some of it glitters.

Fun, short, true, non-religious stories about real people who step up to help others. Free e-mail subscription! See http://www.HeroicStories.com for details.


CYNDI'S LIST; I thought with distaste when I first heard of this place that it sounded like some yuppie airhead site. Now I'm stuffed with humble pie. This is the best genealogy directory on the Internet, leading you to thousands of useful sites--nay, hundreds of thousands. Don't pass this up!

A great place to begin genealogy surname searches is provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints at FAMILY SEARCH. A lot of the data is incorrect, because it was submitted by amateurs who weren't always very knowledgable, but you can search the 1880 U.S. census for free!

At ROOTSWEB, run searches on your surnames--the WorldConnect is especially helpful. This is by far the most useful free genealogical source around.

A great place to post queries and research surnames is GENFORUM. Don't just say, "I want all information about John Leavell." Give approximate dates, specific locations, and details that will help readers identify which John Leavell you want. Don't ask people to respond off-line--post your data to help the rest of us!

Although it's a commercial site and pushes its money-making avenues, FAMILY TREE MAKER also provides free indices and links to web sites and family home pages.

Genealogy.Com now appears to be owned by Familytreemaker, but seems to have slightly different databases.

Also a commercial site, ANCESTRY.COM does have new message boards in common with Rootsweb. Also, check the totally free Ancestry World Tree there.

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